First plot with madmax

I used for first time madMAx for plotting but I am not sure it finished :slight_smile:
In the final directory I see the final plot with the size of 101 GB named plot-k32-2021-06-23-17-1…
But I still see the temp file, it is normal?
in the power shell the last lines are:
[P1] Table 1 took 91.8979 sec
[P1] Table 2 took 881.582 sec, found 4294787716 matches
[P1] Table 3 took 1064.48 sec, found 4294710319 matches

It is done?

Doesn’t look right to me. The final lines should look like this:

Screenshot 2021-06-23 153742

Hi, I understand, you are trying MM for the first time…
Refer to this image, please

It’s finished when you see (after [p4]): Total plot creation time was xxx.xx sec ( min)

I have that lines before what I posted before :
[P4] Starting to write C1 and C3 tables
[P4] Finished writing C1 and C3 tables
[P4] Writing C2 table
[P4] Finished writing C2 table
Phase 4 took 517.468 sec, final plot size is 108835870379 bytes
Total plot creation time was 12172.4 sec (202.873 min)

But when it finish the first plot it keep doing others?

That depends on the command line variables you used. The -n variable determines how many plots you want it to create (-n 10 would create 10 plots before it stops). Using -n -1 will tell it to run indefinitely. So if you told it to do more than one, yes, it will keep going until it reaches the number you told it.

You mean in the cycle for right?
I understand i have this:
for($i=1; $i -le 10; $i++) so it means 10 plots correct?

I have no idea what you just said. Where are you modifying code? You set the variables when you run the chia_plot command.

I did something like this with correct information and saved it file.ps1 and than I run it
for($i=1; $i -le 10; $i++)
{C:\fury\chia_plot.exe -p POOLKEY -f FARMERKEY -t d:/ -2 d:/ -r 14 -u 7}

I don’t know where you came up with that idea. But that isn’t needed. Or recommended. Just look at the documentation with Madmax to see the proper way. Just run the command as described. It will do what you need it to.

I just followed a tutorial on youtube, but now I understand It put everything in cycle for to make number plot.
To be honest I dont know why he did that if there is the option n :roll_eyes:
However other option are the same of documentation so finally the result it should be the same

Not really. The way you were trying to do it may try to run all 10 at once.

No no it makes one plot at once for 10 times :slight_smile:

You only have to put in -n 10 and the plotter will do one plot at a time for 10 times.

yes i know now thanks to you both :slight_smile:
Next time I will do that.
However it looks very fast, I will check the plots to see how they look

If I want move the plot in the folder where I have other plots instead of -d e:/ is correct -d e:/folder or -d e:\folder
I dont want lose my plots in the deep of my computer lol
I think the correct is -d e:\folder

both them doesn’t work :frowning: