Flash loan attack via pancakeswap on the bunny token

So it looks like a flash loan attack was done via pancakeswap on the bunny token.

if you have anything in bunnyswap it is paused right now. vaults are safe but the bunny token is through the floor value wise losing about 90% of its already lower valuation

more news here https://cryptoinnews.com/2021/05/20/bscs-pancake-bunny-exploited-community-claims-1-billion-loss/

and on their twitter: https://twitter.com/PancakeBunnyFin

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There’s so many things I’ve never heard of in this topic :rofl:




oh man, all this defi stuff is just a hoot

All I know about crypto is I know nothing!

there is a certain amount of joy i can take from that…

it’s about how i feel on just about every other post in this forum… :rofl:


This is the best sentence i have ever read. :neutral_face:

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