FlexFarmer / Flexpool Alternative option


So for those using the now closing Flexpool.io with Flexfarmer,

Spacefarmers.io is probably the best alternative. I switched to it and it’s been great thus far. I kinda like it better than Flexpool.io…. Although I’m sorry to see them go…

They offer a community node which does the same thing that Flexfarmer did, but works with Chia Client or Madmax Gigahorse Client. You can farm without running a full node regardless on what type of compressed plots you are using.

Here is a good article that explains how to switch to their pool from flexpool. It covers pretty much every farming situation.


Wanted to share as the closing of Flexpool.io/ came as a surprise, and I wanted to find another pool that I could farm without running a full node and still farm with Gigahorse plots.

Spacefarmers.io is an excellent option!