Flexfarmer Guides: Ubuntu GUI and Windows



Please refer to the main Flexfarmer post on Chia Forum under pools for a description of what Flexfarmer is and the benefits to using it. It only works for farmers on Flexpool.

Flexfarmer is not required to farm on Flexpool but we do suggest that even if you prefer not to use it you have it ready for when the node goes down so that you can keep farming while you resync it.

This program is like nossd where it is probabally not malware due to pools reputation but requires you to enter your farmers private key so flexpool can sign blocks on your behalf.

proceed with caution.


Blocks are signed locally on the users computer.
Farmers private key aka plot key can’t be used maliciously without physical access to your plots. At least to my knowledge. And if we did have physical access all we could do is redirect rewards. Given that your sending those rewards to our pool anyway there isn’t any motive.

People are welcome to use FF in a container with ports closed on a separate device like a Rpi 3 using 1-2W to farm.

Flexfarmer should be very familiar to GPU miners who all run closed source software from people with no business name or location because the open source ethminer is terrible. Flexpool does have a business address in Canada (Vancouver) and we’ve stored over $20 mil in ETH at a time without rugpulling. I’ve also personally met a member of Chia Forum to buy a stack of HDD’s off him and a few ETH miners. Bloomberg quotes me on occasion and Chia’s background checked me. Realistically if we were going to steal we’d have done so on ETH which is 99%+ of our business.

One day we found 3x500+ in ETH plus around 600 ETH from normal blocks mining. That was over 6 million dollars paid out in 1 day. We’d need to steal every single Chia farmer’s plots and farm for 20+ days to equal the same temptation (which doesn’t include the 20 mil we had in unpaid balances before we found those blocks).

I think your safe. But if your still worried feel free to farm on us using the old Chia farmer.

This is incorrect and Gene has already validated that the farmer key on its own is not able to spend and that blocks are signed locally using this method.

Flexfarmer and flexpool are great, have been using flexfarmer along with running my own local full node to support the network, I just prefer the ease of which flexfarmer offers without needing to run multiple harvesters etc. I have quite a large farm and switched to flexfarmer over 10 months ago, nothing but smooth sailing since.

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Found or mined?

Found is making you sound like mark karpeles.

Well re reading you clearly meant found.

Shouldnt really have been misplaced to begin with surely.

How did you ever misplace 1500 eth?

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Please show me where in my message I said they could spend your coins?

No, they are legit in terms of Ethereum.

He means the pool collectively has not rugged when collectively it mined a lot of eth. Flexpool is legit in terms of trustworthyness and not rugging. No eth was lost lol.

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You inferred it was unsafe, pRoBaBly NoT MaLWarE thus the cAutIoN is against the possible spending of coins (spending that is not by the owner, i.e stealing, theft etc). Which is not possible. Simple.

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Im not saying theyre not legit.
Im just curious how ppl misplace over 1500 eth .

Really does sound like mark finding btc in his couch, so i was curious how that even happens.

My brother in Christ it’s a private key you are feeding to a (somewhat trustworthy) third party.

No amount of toxicity to me will ever change that.

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You have not investigated adequately and are effectively fear-mongering with your posts.

There is no private key fed to anything that allows control of your coins. The farmer secret key is all that’s needed.

You can extract this key using the official chia client or you can use the open-source python extractor provided by flexpool.

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