FlexFarmer v2.5.0 Released - Support for Bitcoin (BTC) payouts and OpenCL support for Gigahorse

FlexFarmer v2.5.0 brings OpenCL support for Gigahorse farming backend and enables payouts via Bitcoin through Flexpool.io AutoSwap.

Full changelog:

v2.5.0 - Support for Bitcoin (BTC) payouts and Gigahorse updates
- Added support for Bitcoin (BTC) addresses to be used with Flexpool.io AutoSwap. You may
  now specify a Bitcoin address instead of Chia address in your configuration file, but
  please note that FlexFarmer will still need a valid Chia address to send the 0.25 XCH farmer
  rewards to. You should specify it using the `block_reward_destination_address` configuration
- OpenCL Gigahorse build is now available for Linux/x86_64. You can find it on on the official
  website: https://farmer.flexpool.io or get it via a direct download link:
- Added ability to specify Gigahorse remote recompute server(s) via `gigahorse.remote_addr`
  configuration directive. Please see configuration examples for detailed information.


Is this true?


Seems a bit odd considering the recent updates, and BTC payouts that’s just been implemented.

Or is it going to morph into a dedicated pool for GH plots???

Unfortunately yes. It’s confirmed.

I’m sorry to hear this, whilst I’m not a member of your pool, I know how much effort you’ve put in over the years.

No comment on my third sentence? I was considering going to Flexfarmer when the new GH plot compression comes out.

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No, I did suggest Max open his own pool but he’s too busy.


Hi. I was using flexfarmer because of its simplicity.
Any plan to provide users with a detailed guide to switch to GH farmer without headachein the coming days?

Anyway even if the answer is “No”, I want to say : “DUCK”, but also :“Thanks for the journey”.

Crypto is wild wild west, we knew it!

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I mean, the same plots work fine on Gigahorse so you just need a guide on how to use Gigahorse. Which I’ve never used so I’m learning myself.

Well carp, safe travels to all involved. Honestly I’m impressed the pools in general have hung in there as long as they have - it’s been a wild ride in this space.

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Gigahorse is same as chia-blockchain , as a normal wallet full node.
you must have entire blockchain synced.
in normal use: you type : chia wallet show or chia stop all -d ( for all chia services)
in gigahorse u use : chia.bin wallet show

Hi flexpool…

I’m currenlty having some issues

This is the third time in one week this happens.

Do you have any advice? I’m quite used to flawless farming on flexpool, and who like to be sure quality of service won’t bend until the end…

As you’re probably not aware, Flexpool, and thus Flexfarmer are shutting down at the end of the month.

You need to find a new pool, rather than fix the issue, unless it’s an issue your end of course, then you’ll still need to fix it.

I’m aware.
In the meantime I was planning to stay with them until the end.
They announced an end in 3 weeks…
I would prefer an answer from @Chris22 or any Flexpool guy! But Thanks!

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Best guess is it’s a connection issue. If you are connecting to SG they often have undersea cable issues.

I’m usually on preferred “de” (from France).

Then likely an issue with your home setup as Frankfurt is nearby.

This is rather low tech but maybe check if your internet is stable to see if the connection went down during those time periods.

  • There are others rigs at home : no ISP problem;
  • There are two nodes running on the same rig via the same ETH cable : no connection issue.

Anyway as somebody stated :" time to move on!"
Thanks for the answers anyway.

EDIT : moved through the spacefarmers guidelines. Forgot to make my withdrawal before leaving Flexpool : they where just kind enough to trigger the payout… That’s the end of an era for me. :face_holding_back_tears:

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