Flexpool.io signup for email updates on Chia pooling progress

You can now sign up for Chia pool development updates on our website flexpool.io From what we have seen the initial release will require development and testing to before it is functional so please be patient. We will let you know once we are close to opening and joining will not be restricted. There will be an opening event to reward the first few who farm with us. Flexpool is currently the largest Ethereum mining pool in North America and we will offer Chia farmers a professional pool they can safely farm Chia on.

Although we are not developing a plotter ourselves, we’ve heard that plotters are in development that will allow you to sequentially swap out your solo plots for pool plots allowing for minimal loss once pools are released. We hope that you will choose to mine/farm with Flexpool for many years to come!

PS: we will be attending tomorrow morning


Here’s a quick preview of what we’re thinking of for the stats page. We’re working hard to develop a Go implementation of the Chia mining pool.

We’ve finished Chia BLS signatures implementation, Streamable serialization, entire ChiaLisp Virtual Machine (CLVM), and Proof of Space verification in the programming language we use, and are now working on other portions of the Chia mining pool implementation. Note that we are creating all the code from scratch rather than using the python reference implementation. Please do not ask for updates, we will update as things progress.


Very nice to see a well prepared Chia pool start-up with a history, solid expertise and financial backing!

I do not have to scour the internet to research you. lol!

You just moved to the top of my list. :grinning:


Yup, nice dashboard to see.
Quick question: when we join the pool, do we still need to run full node on our end? or there will be some sort of GUI app? Thanks.

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Good question… following…

it would be cool if you or someone could make a temporary pool to compete with Hpool…just for now until legit pools are a go

To my knowledge yes but I’m not an expert.

PS: A temporary pool would take weeks to months to build (as we’d have to build an app and security precautions/verification) and would take time away from our developers working on an actual pool thats going to be out in weeks. We get lots of good ideas but the reality is that our developers are busy working 24.7 on things already.

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Do you have an approximate pool member size based on pre-signups for updates? I have seen some pools saying they have over 25k users signed up to farm with their pool. Curious as to what flexpool looks like.

That being said I think we’re going to be one of the 3 biggest pools simply because our implementation can scale to handle being big while most pools will need to restrict access at the start until they can patch it. (Some will be able to scale we’re not the only ones who are doing extra work to accommodate growth)

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Whatever number you see is not going to be accurate at all. I’ve signed up for a bunch just to know the status. I imagine a lot of people have done this as well.
That being said - I’ve been mining ETH on flex for a while, as long as they open the pool fast it’s the one I’ll most likely use. I’m waiting to see if it will be easy to point different plots to different pools to test which is better.

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Yep. We haven’t sent out a single email. Seemed spammy to send out updates that don’t include any exact timeframe until pool is open. Likely we will send one out a few days before and another one when its open.

Flexpool just made my very very short list of pools to join. Biggest thing for me is that they are in Canada as opposed to the USA. All the same laws and protections (that I am aware of) except members in the US and the pool don’t have to go through KYC (for illegal activity prevention).

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We’re happy to announce we’re almost done with our Chia-Go pool implementation. We’ve finished Chia BLS signatures, Streamable serialization, entire ChiaLisp Virtual Machine (CLVM), and Proof of Space verification, receiving/validating shares, and claiming rewards. There are only minor portions remaining. Note that we are creating all the code from scratch rather than use the python reference implementation. This will allow Chia farmers to enjoy a similar experience to Ether miners with stat tracking, farm rate, estimated rewards, etc. We will be able to scale to accommodate any number of farmers and will also be less susceptible to downtime/bugs/DDOS attacks. We have reported the risks we’ve found after reviewing the reference code both to the core devs and the major pools under construction. Please do not ask for updates, we will update as things progress. I know I’ll be asked so I’d say our best guess is that pool plots will be ready in less than two weeks but I can’t promise that and its just a guesstimate.

After reviewing the code we’ve seen a lot of opportunity to improve the Chia experience with the node and the wallet. We hope to use our success in pooling to fund our voluntary efforts to improve everyone’s Chia experience and fund a Go Chia client team to create and maintain a Go implementation of the Chia protocol. There are currently 9 ETH 2.0 client teams which helps give ETH reliability if any one client fails. It is essential to the future of Chia for there to be multiple client teams and we’d encourage others to pursue creating their own clients.


I’m really interested in Flexpool as madmax is supporting you as well. Just have a question about farming in pools in general.

When the mainnet 1.2.0 is released, we need a “contract” from a pool, right? And this contract is attached to the plots when plotting.

Do we continue farming like with solo plots using the chia_farmer and chia_harvester apps?

So basically all I need to do is get the contract and add it to the parameters of my plotter and start going. No need to make changes to the farming process?

You’ll need to replot using the new portable pool plots.

When you expect the pool to be launched ? Also do you have mobile app to track the miners ?
A step by step guide how to join will be good too.

Thanks :slight_smile:

We’re running a closed beta now and will launch depending on if any bugs popup and how long it takes to fix them. We don’t build mobile apps but several users tend to build them based on our api.

Closed beta is now accepting farmers with 25TB+. Please note that you need to have pool plots to farm to our pool. Please join our discord and tag Chris2 in the Chia channel to be added to the beta channel. Instructions are pinned in that channel. There are no extra rewards for joining the beta yet, we’re focused on getting things finished. There may be some later.

discord link

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If I follow the address from your image, I can see the required information on how to change my plot NFT to flexpool.io.
I am just wondering what is preventing me from switching my plot NFT to flexpool.io?
There is no authentication which prevents this.

There is no authentication which prevents this.

Why wouldn’t we want you farming with us?