Folder dedication problem on new system

Hello there,

I run into a problem while my system ssd went south.

In the C: I had dedicaded folders for disks like C:BLABLA 1, BLABLA2 …, BLABLA 13.
Of course forgot the exact name of the folders, didn’t even wrote it down or make a screenshot…

As I am forced to make a new installation of OS on new hdd (and sync from 0 :confused: ) is there any way that I could read the 13 plotted disks that were previously pointed to folder ?

Thanks for help.

If this is a windows system and you have mounted drives to folders and now you have a new system disk? Just remake the folders and go into disk management and remount the drives to those folders again.


If you just want to see these again easily in Windows, just assign drive letters to them in disk mgr … the alternative is as drhicom says, assign them to mount points, go into file explorer and view their contents there.

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Thank you. So if i understand it right, on a new installed system (windows) I will be able to see the plugged disk in “disk manager” regardles if the disk was previously pointed to a specific folder and the dedicaded letter (example F:) was erased. And I will be able to dedicate a new path on a new created folder with a new name without loosing disk content (plots) ?
The problem is, that I forgot the exact name of the folder that disk was pointed to in previous system and can’t not recreate “the right path” on new sytem.
Understand that I have no experience in this kind of disk management.

If your using CHIA look into the config.yaml file to where the drives were pointing before.

Also after you sync, shut down the app and make a backup to a USB drive (500gb works great).

Thank you.
I panicked because when the system ssd burned I thought I wont be able to access the plotted disks that were dedicadet to folder. I would not want to replot so many disks I will loose time with syncing the chainblock anyway. :sweat_smile:

I wish I would be able to see that setting, but I can not access the drive. Everything freezes when i plug in the burnt ssd as external drive.

I hope you had your keys and 24 word phrase saved off.

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haha yes I did that a long time ago with a hard pencil by hands and wrap the paper in plastic :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Add this to your book marks, this is just one example out there.
How to mount hard drive as folder on Windows 10 | Windows Central

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You can download, via torrent, the database checkpoint from 03/04/2023 from the website, which will save you LOTS of time. Look for it in the middle of the page:
Download - Chia Network

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