Forks worth of being farmed... suggestions, experience

We have very long list of Chia forks. Which of them are worth of being farmed?

Which Chia forks we should avoid and why?

Maybe this thread could be a guide to help people who are less experienced with programming and github to make own judgement.


It may be easier to start from the other side: what fork is worth farming?

Like they have something unique to their blockchain, a interesting roadmap, and a plan to sustainably develop it over time? A project you think is valuable now… or that a reasonable person would think will become valuable after reading through some of their public pages and whitepapers?

I can think of only one project. The one that takes over Chia’s mainnet if Chia-the-company goes out of business in the next couple years. No cut-and-paste PoST project today is worth farming.

But I am but one voice: I can’t wait to hear from others!

My first fork was Flax… started farming this coin end of June.

My motivation was simple… I just wanted to see that my farm is working in the right way.

I learned a lot from Flax as my ETW was short. I got quickly return informations when I changed something.

Also learned that sometimes rewards can come a few at the day… but then day or two just nothing and that this is normal.

Something else is to read about it and something else is to experience it myself.

I’m still farming Flax…

I’m farming Chia and forks on separate computer with Ubuntu 20.04. All rewards goes to cold wallets. This gives me some safety for my farmed coins.

If you go to, you will get a whole list of Chia forks. Some of them are very intersting and probably worth farming: Chives (XCC), Silicoin (SIT), Flax (XFX), HDDCoin (HDD), STAI, N-Chain (NCH), Maize (XMZ). You can use the same plot to farm, except for Chives, which needs re-plot as its K value is 29-31, which is less than Chia K=32.

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The foks of chia As a layer1 blockchain, they have the same DNA, but they will synthetic different protein to build different cell,Eventually they co-evolved into a complete organism。

I farm everything that can be traded for xch on
Sell everything off and enjoy some extra xch for no extra cost at all.