Full Nodes or Wallet

Good morning, Thursdays question, What the difference in the Full Node Tab under connections of having Full Nodes or Wallet connected to your Farmer??

Ill guess that wallets will just pull data from you and nodes will pull and give data.

Was just a question of, do you want 60 wallets connected to you or 60 full nodes?

You need just one full node peer to be synced, and with a sync speed of 2mbps (mega bits) you don’t put much burden on such full node (it may be more under high-intensity dust storms). So, that is a start.

On the other hand, you need to have at least 3 full node peers to be able to form a network (with 1 node you are basically terminating the chain, with 2 you are forming a line that can easily loop, with 3 you kind of start allowing to have the network grow, but it will be vulnerable to fragmentation).

And, you may want to have some (pick a number) wallets, so those can “leach” bc data without contributing much to the network.

Saying that, the main purpose of the network is to have running full nodes. It can be also assumed that there are more full nodes than wallets out there. So, my understanding is that you should only see a handful of wallets connected to you. If you see more, that may be a signal that the network is becoming not healthy (e.g., not enough nodes with port 8444 open).