Future of Chia and plotting , harvesting opinion

Hello guys,

I was wondering if someone could tell me how do you see the CHIA coin after a year or 2.

Any worth left with chia plotting and then farming.

I did some plotting and harvesting with a friend last year but we were able to sell most of our stuff.

Now recently a friend is selling some of his hardware at a very good rate and another guy owes me some money so he also offered me 5 x 8TB hard drives less than 1 month used as per hd software.

So any benefit of starting again with almost 80 - 100 TB space with solo mining or with a single pool ?


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Just buy coins instead of hardware. Much higher profitability short and mid term. Unless there is gonna be limited HDD capacity in the future, profits from mining at higher XCH prices will be eaten up by increasing netspace.

Also the fucking maintanance costs are too high, because when you automate all the shit about plotting, farming and harvesting, the devs are gonna change paths of some import shit once AGAIN and you have to figure out why your shit is not working AGAIN.


I am… jealous! What an opportunity, to fire up a rig again and get involved again with the project :sunglasses:.

I’m converted to ‘team pool’ with a farm that size, we’ve had too many posters in here saying they haven’t had a hit in 6 months - too risky.

Honestly, the market needs a bull run. It’ll do more for investments than anything the project itself can do (not a dig at Chia, just fax, coins need buyers).

On its way shortly if its not already begun.

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Call me crazy, call me paranoid, but … Frida - I Know There's Something Going On - YouTube

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I think at will take about 2 years for Crypto to start a bull run. There will be some mini runs though. I agree that buying coins is much better option than investing in new hardware.

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I know right? 7 million views and it’s hardly getting talked about, lol.

let’s talk fundamentals that dreamers usually refuse to understand.

  • Chia made a deal with devil - NOT BAD
  • Chia wanna be fully regulated - NO GO
  • Chia wanna go public - NOT BAD, but it brings manipulation
  • Chia rides wave of ecoTerrorism, ESG, wokeshchnitt - SUICIDE…just check out Disney, how they desperatelly try to stabilise what one poor player screwed up in less than year.
  • Chia partially understood the basics of life - all about time, centrally decentralized trust-nobody natural environment

Chia is currently the only crypto project with high potential to survive mafia slaughter.

NO UTILITY = NO FUTURE…Chia suppose to be ESG network for carbon credit/offsets…it is comedy running for over 40 years…they still talk bullshit, and nothing happened yet. POTENTIAL UNKNOWN

NO PRIVACY = NO FUTURE. There is major problem…it is romantic vision of full transparency, but never goes well among the poor. Imagine you realise your neighbour collected 1000 XCH, and you have just 100…that evil bastard stole it.

I was born in 3rd world country occupied by Russians at the time of my birth…I have learned the old school Russian philosophy “what eyes cannot see, heart cannot hurt, and hands cannot steal”.

Poors/normies are worse evil on Earth, and they will blame you for their poverty !!!

Fundamentals are Russian roulette.

Technical analysis:

Price is “profitable” for kids that do not know their time, and wanna learn something to become rich.

If you think business, Chia makes no money so big guys won’t jump in.

Critical time will be halving, where we lose a half of profit.

Price will most likely sink to levels where only most efficient will make money. That price is around 20$ for Europeans with 0.3€/kWh

If Chia suddenly skyrockets, there will be paranoia and grandma will plot on her peacemaker and engrave plots to her vinyls.

If you can get HDDs for 15$/TB, your ROI is ~6years, assuming plotting for <0.05$/plot. That is huge gamble with HDD having just 5 years warranty, and average 4years failure rate according to BackBlaze.

You have to wait 6 years to repay HDDs…where is income for your plotter, and time? Even poorest kid in EU earns 20€/h…how much did you lose already?