Future of Chia in 2023 and 2024

Hello there,

I need some guidance here. I am in the process of moving to another country and I do have some chia related hardware. We (me and my friend) stopped chia mining about 2 years back because we were unable to manage it properly.

Now I still have around 120 TB plots give or take in hard drives which came back in my possession recently. I sold the drives to a friend. He closed his IT business and sent me unused drives back :smiley: wise decision I would say.

I can work on increasing the storage but I am not seeing any point here.

Chia is like around $ 22 as of making this post. So a 10 TB drive here cost me around $ 100 and 5 chia coins also cost the same. However it seems that in the last 2 years the only thing increased is the competition for winning coin along with cost of running it as well and with gpu involvement It seems that it will be more difficult with every day specially for anyone below Peta Byte threshold.

So what is the future of chia ?

Where I live it seems that the cost of running a full rig is almost the same or near to the cost of getting chia in pools with like 5 - 10 % margin on luck or chance.

Thanks for reading.


If we knew the answer to your question we would all be rich.

At this point it makes way more sense to buy XCH and not build a farm, especially with the halvening on the horizon.


The mood is pretty bleak right now, to be honest. For the first time since this project kicked off I would whole-heartedly encourage you not to spend ANY money on a Chia farm. If you already have the gear, and your electrical rates are reasonable, by all means, go ahead.


At the moment, more reasonable is to start farming MMX, even it is still in testnet you can farm a premine and when mainnet starts, hopefully next year, the coin will get a value and you have a chance to earn nice money. Off course risk involved, but you’ve got hardware already so the only cost is electricity. More info on MMX discord. Project is legit, I am involved in testnets for 2 years now.

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If I could have do-overs, I’d have left my electronics stuff behind on my moves (sold or given away to friends / family). It has a shelf life and goes obsolete pretty fast (for example, 8TB or 12TB drives were fine when we started, they are fast approaching ‘undesirable’ just like 4TB drives have been). Especially going overseas, I personally would thin the herd down to a laptop and cellphone myself.

Thanks. Where I live people don’t buy 8TB unless they really need it. We still have a thing for 4TB or 2TB. 2TB is the default drive for gamers here :slight_smile:

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Ah, well I take it back then! Carry on :sunglasses:!

There is very little detail available for this coin. Can you share some more details. It will probably take some time to off load every thing.

But this is Chia, not gaming or general data storage. Running a 16TB drive is four times cheaper than running 4 x 4TB drives.

Hej mate. If you are interested you should do your own research. I gave you a tip only. There is still no official website, no white paper, no marketing at all. Just a discord channel, blockchain explorer, super fast test blockchain and tons of new ideas. For me now it is better that MMX has lower netspace so my 3PB farm got better win rates.

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What size is the netspace?

Lately it dropped a little, from 120PB to about 90-95PB. We are almost in testnet11 now and new plotter and new plot format will be announced soon by Max that will be compression-proof by removing plot filter. It would require replot but such innovation would make it more green and MMX price totally independent from Chia and hopefully no more replots in near future.


it depends if you can do math properly :wink:

so far 100TiBe gives you 1 XCH. Even in romantic countries like Swiss, where we pay 0.33$/kWh, you still make money…swapping HW > XCH is still more efficient (of course, unless you are one of those kids that buy 8TB refurbished HDDs, while claiming they earn it all back in less than 2 years ROFL) than 10-20% fees for buying XCH with cash.

You can still sell HW for 50% of the original price 3y later.

if you wanna earn money, forget crypto…learn to invest, you can earn at least 3% per month in real markets. The more you learn, the more you earn.

unless, you are a porn collector…most kids still use 4TB :smiley: My media archive has got barely 6TB…in good days I brought home 256GB of photos or audio recordings. Even the movies guys do not need so much space.

Try games setup :smiley: My son plays marvels avengers and that is like 100 GB. My daughter plays tomb raider and horizon dawn and that is another 150 GB give or take.

I have couple of setup of few more games and those are enough to fill a 2TB drive.

Game setup are huge.

A new space adventure game is like 100 gb plus size give or take.

Imagine, we were running games from 20 floppies ROFL or cassettes…loading time like 10-30mins ROFL

Loading games from cassettes, those were the days. I remember programming machine code to speed up the ZX Spectrums load times (amongst other things as well), but of course only for stuff saved at the faster speeds.

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Nerd alert. Repeat. Nerd alert.