FYI: 18TB HDD prices dropping!

Hey guys,

just noticed that 18 TB prices are dropping again. 18TB Seagate Exos are about to hit 450 Euro in Europe again and 18TB WD Ultrastar drives are also, for the first time since a long while, below 500 Euro. People who want to sell their rigs needs to be fast or their loss is gonna be even higher…


Could you give some references? in which stores or websites?

I use price comparision websites. You can simply check or which are two of the biggest distributors in the EU.

Great!1 I knew about Alternate. I just bought 6 drives :slight_smile:

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Amazon has Exos 18tb for $520 which is the cheapest I’ve seen since I started paying attention.

I’m refusing to buy more storage above $20/TB (+$20 for shipping). I just keep placing bids on EBay until that works. It’s getting close, some actually make it! Just like the good 'ol days back in March/April and earlier.

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