Gigahorse C10-C15 coming soon

Max has confirmed that new plots for C10-C15 will be coming out soon. C12 and C13 plots will have the same compute as C7 and C8. A GPU will be required for these. Late-Sept to Oct are the estimated dates for release.

On the Flexpool side, BTC payouts are online and we’re waiting on the get started guide to be up before making the official announcement and uploading the latest version of FlexFarmer that supports them.


So the nossd 200% isn’t fake!?

I don’t know what to say; I am astounded.

Where has Max confirmed please? Link?

Max confirmed to Chris i suppose…

Another chance to replot, at least the weather will be cooler.


Smh. I’m not replotting these again unless it’s pretty significant gains.

Haha yes, heating the house might actually be nice by then

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So Max actually did find out what NoSSD are doing…
Is it some form of remote compute?

No, at least that’s what Max said

like he said, once someone made a breakthrough its just matter of time and few more brainstorms before same or better algo will appear.

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Not fake.

I don’t think it’s public, but flexpool works with him, so it’s probably true.

From his discord, it’s not

He did confirm today afternoon working on it (on discord).
Let’s see what are the HW specs needed to run those. Just a month to go replotting most of my plots. If a or multiple distributed 3060 for recompute will be sufficient I will start from scratch - everything else might be a bit too expensive.


Replotting is becoming cheaper, that’s good news.