Gigahorse GPU Plotter, GPU Farmer, Plot Sink: Boost Your Chia Farm by 47.2%! Plot in <2 Minutes

And where did you come up with this figure? Mr. I just joined 12 hours ago… :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Has anyone plotted on pcie2?
Is it even possible for me to do that with a 3060?

Do you have a 3060 plugged into a PCIE-2.0 slot?

No, but my friend has a server with pcie2 and wanna see if that could work haha… I don’t know

And you have a 3060 there?

Yes of course, thats why im asking

@madMAx43v3r how big C8 farm size can one farm using Tesla P4 ? circa :slight_smile:

I think around 1 PiB at plot filter 512

so 0.5PiB in a year time? 1PiB with 2xTesla P4?


Got a 1080 video card. Ubuntu. HP Z620, Dual 2660V2, DDR3 192GB, 1TB SSD

sudo ./cuda_plot_k32 -C 7 -n 20 -r 1 -t -d -c -f

it says

Invalid -r | --ndevices, not enough devices: 0

Not enough power for GPU?


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HP Z620 has two GPU power connectors, G1 and G2. It happens that G1 has no power.
Used G2, it flies.

1080 8GB video card.
192GB system memory is just enough.
Total plot creation time was 402.027 sec (6.70045 min)

Thanks bros for these 400 some threads in this post!


Hello, thanks for sharing this information.
What drivers are you using with the 1080?
I have a GTX 1080 but I’m getting 5-6 minutes with the default windows 10 drivers: dated from 11/2020.
With any other driver I’ve tried, I got 9 minutes.

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I used Ubuntu and followed the instruction in this forum. Installed the driver according to the instruction. Don’t know what driver it was.

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Most people here use Linux, highly recommend you try to switch if you can for better performance. No idea about your particular issue, sorry, just adding my 2 cents. :slight_smile:

GTX 750ti is almost identical to the K2200, which is in the table.

3060 SHOULD plug into and work in a PCI-E 2.0 slot - but you’re going to lose some of the potential performance due to the much slower bus speed.

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Ya, but I’m asking if someone has managed to do this… I’m interested to see plotting performance haha.

Wanna see if it’s worth it for me to buy a server with pcie2.0.

Where I’m from, servers even second hand are hard to find and rather expensive.

.\cuda_plot_k32.exe -n 1 -C 7 -M 64 -x 11337 -t d:\tmpg\ -2 d:\tmpg\
Invalid -r | --ndevices, not enough devices: 0

what could it be? RX 580 8gb

you have no CUDA card.

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Thats the way it goes.

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