Gigahorse GPU plotting K33 and K34 requirements

We saw that Gigahorse GPU K32 plotting is possible with P2000 5GB card, really low amount of system RAM and less than 300GB of temp space.

We also know from the “RAM / VRAM requirements to farm” table:

that for C18 GPU farming needs:

  • 4.4GB VRAM for K33 plots
  • 8.5GB VRAM for K34 plots

Nevertheless, I have not found any VRAM, RAM and NVME/temp space requirements for Gigahorse GPU plotting of K33 and K34 plots.
Are those available, especially if one focuses on not-so-fast low(ish) RAM + NVME temp space plotting?

I’m pretty sure they are not available, and if they were it would be much more work/power farming them from what I remember, so they weren’t viable.

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I just wanted to make sure I do not need to re-plot all over (again) once NoSSD overcomes filter halving and min K33 becomes the next bullet to fight them…

For k30+ at least 8 GB VRAM are required, use -S 3 or -S 2 to reduce VRAM usage (at the cost of performance). The minimum VRAM needed is 4 GB.

Most likely, regardless of what K value you plot, the 8GB is good enough. If that is not the case (plotter will crash during VRAM allocation), you can use ‘S’ switch to reduce needed VRAM.

On the other hand, potentially C20-29 compression formats are coming (to compete with NoSSD), so whatever you do right now may be more or less temporary if you will want to bump up the compression level.

Bumping up compression level is thing of earnings.
I am more worried complete blockchain will start accepting only >=K33 plot proofs pretty soon, in order to protect decentralization.

K33 requirement is a very long way off, CNI are using the filter change in June to double the compute requirements.

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