Gigahorse Plotting Not Working

Cpu: 5900x
Gpu: 3080
Ram: 64gb 3200mhz
Temp: 2TB SN770
Final: 18tb wd drive

I’m new to gigahorse and don’t really know the depths of plotting. Ask for any more info you need, I’m more than happy to provide. Any help is greatly appreciated. This time it stopped on table 4 but sometimes it’s table 3. It’s always on P1 though.

It is saying 3 streams, so it is a 6GB 3080?

Try playing with the C, M and S settings

It’s a 10gb card. The msi gaming trio z. What should I play with? Can you dumb it down for me?



On Windows there is a limit on how much pinned memory can be allocated, usually it’s half the available RAM. You can check the limit in TaskManger as “Shared GPU memory” when selecting the Performance tab on your GPU.

Because of this, it’s required to limit the max pinned memory via -M. For example if your limit is 128 GB, you need to specify -M 128. Unfortunately this will slow down the plotter somewhat, consider using Linux for best performance.

1/4 Partial RAM mode (64G RAM, SSD for -3)

To enable 1/4 partial RAM mode, specify an SSD drive for -3.

cuda_plot_kxx -n -1 -C 7 -t /mnt/ssd/ -3 /mnt/fast_ssd/ -d @REMOTE_HOST -c <contract_address> -f <farmer_key>

I guess either one of these could be your problem, but it would help to see the command you are using now

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I’m about to click start and see how this work. I read what both you guys said and tried to change my settings accordingly.

It only let me do 1 image per post bc I’m a new user so here is my performance tab. How does this look?

Whatever I just did didn’t work at all.

P1 Table 1 took 12.746
P1 Table 2 took 13.822
P1 Table 3 took (going on 6min right now)

I don’t see your -2 and -3 settings

You are probably swapping like crazy

For 64GB set -3 to the ssd space

Is there anyway you could tell me what numbers to input in the boxes instead of the command line. The command line is extremely confusing for me.

I don’t have a -2 or -3 because I only have 1 temp 2tb ssd. Did I do that right?

Put B:\ in there too

I find gui confusing so don’t worry

Should I put B in for all of them?

Added B for all those 3 and I finished my first gigahorse plot. Thank you guys. 1 problem… it took 37min. Given my specs is that normal?

You are held back by the weakest component which might be your ssd…

Your 3080 is capable of plots in a few minutes so your options are faster ssd or more memory (128GB OR 256 GB) but I’m not windows so maybe play with the settings first. But you do need the -3 for 64GB

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Ok. I’m starting to understand. I have a mini itx build so only 2 ram slots both with 32gb dimms. Unfortunately not upgradable at the moment. Because I’m at 64gb does that mean that I need to fill all 3 of those temp drive spaces with my B drive or just the 3? Do you really think it’s my ssd? Could it be bc my shared gpu memory is only 32gb? I saw somethin on that earlier.

I’m afraid I cannot say for sure

On my system i have 3 ssd. The first can do 12min, the second can do ~20min and the third is so slow that i don’t know.

Perhaps there is a windows person who can comment on ssd performance monitoring

Last question I think. Is it true that Gigahorse plots, even if they are made uncompressed, can’t be farmed in the official windows download chia version?