Giving out .25 XCH every Saturday starting Tomorrow until the 25th this month

Excited to be giving away .25 #XCH EVERY Saturday for the next 4 weeks to random channel members on YouTube and Discord! It’s the least I can do for a community that has grown a channel way faster then I could have imagined and really brought me way more connections and friends then I would have guessed possible!

First Winner is selected Tomorrow with a live AMA @ 11am CST (-6 GMT)! Check it out for more on how to comment and win. Inspired by the awesome 1 XCH giveaway from @PoorInvestor-Youtube did recently, tis the time to give back!

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This is really great. I follow @PoorInvestor-Youtube . in fact, he is the one who started me with Chia mining. I am very grateful to him. and Great work @DigitalSpaceport as well, very kind of you. Merry Christmas to you!