Gluster plotting machine?

I am interested in plotting k33 or k34 plots, yes to futureproof my setup, but to also have fewer plots to check. This will go a long way with the additional storage I now have and push me to 2PB of space.

Obviously using bladebit to plot k32 is one option and I can already do that as I have 1 machine with 768GB of RAM. Another option is madmax for k33 and k34 either all in RAM or a hybrid of nvme and RAM.

I have looked into getting a system with closer to 2TB of RAM but the cost of 128GB RAM sticks are absurd compared to 64GB (3x the cost).
I stumbled across gluster last night and seems its possible to create a filesystem spanning multiple nodes in a clustered environment, so why not make a tmpfs drive that spans the RAM of 2 or 3 servers? The only other thing I would need is some PCIe NICs connected back-to-back for fast communication between the machines.

Is this realistic or will the throughput of even a 25 or 100gbe connection be too slow for the memory lookups?