GPU in wrong PCIe slot - I am a plonker

Be gentle with me, we all make mistakes… :slight_smile:
I don’t play games, or build PCs, that is my excuse…
I fitted my GPU into what I thought was PCIe slot 1, but actually had it in PCIe3, got disoriented walking from the manual to the PC probably. This means only 4 lanes, not 16…
It has been running like this for 4 months or so, and I was happy with the 15 minute plot time for C7 BB plots. Previously it took 1 hour for uncompressed plots.
The GPU is now in the correct slot, and I am now down to 10 minute C7 BB plots.
Happy days! :slight_smile:
UPDATE: Half an hour after powering up and resyncing, I won a block! Surely unrelated, but it made my day for a second time!
UPDATE2: 8 hours later another block!
UPDATE3: Just created another block! 3 wins in less than 24 hours with only 400TiB… WTF?
I didn’t win a block for nearly 2 months after updating to 2.1.1 and then 2.1.2. Updated to 2.1.3 when it came out and have created 4 blocks since. Just saying…

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Just a question of how much system memory do you have? And a quick temp drive will make the plot quicker also.

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I have 128GB DDR4, and 2 nvme drives, one for plotting temp, and the other for staging to the hard disk target. I.e. I plot to the staging drive and a second process that moves the plots to the hard disk…

Are you using windows and if so what the string your using (minus the -f -c keys)

No Linux CLI here.
My command is (with variables suitably evaluated):
nohup chia plotters bladebit cudaplot -r ${THREADS} -n ${PLOTS} -f ${FARMKEY} -c ${CONTRACT} -t ${TMP} -d ${DEST} --compress 7 --disk-128 >> ${LOGFILE} &

have a quick look at this page

–disk-128 : Enable hybrid disk plotting for 128G system RAM.
Requires a --temp1 and --temp2 to be set.

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