Gpu miners switch to chia?

Lets say they are moving to chia how long will it take before the net will start growing ,.
I mean its not like we can expect and asume imadiate indicators . I think some of them might be coming our way .
Hack im willing to bet some of them will come just for the love of crypto.
By the way i belive eterium is trash and it was trash even when it had some pysical conection to the world, now its even nastiyer money greeding list that is centralayzed . Ow and can sone one tell me what eterium can do the chia cant .!? I
The main point hare is , how long it would take to gpu miner to shipt to STORGE if they are going at it .
Ur opinion !

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Lower left chart here shows that number of nodes is constantly dropping.

Middle left chart here shows that the netspace is either stable or slightly going down.

So, that ends your starting assumption.


GPU miners are smart. Most are lemmings however. They do know how to number crunch. ROI is their key criteria. When they start pricing out Chia and ROI, I don’t think they want to make another bad business move. Maybe some of them could be resourceful, but I doubt it. They require spoon feeding. But sure, it makes sense that a miner might look into Chia for passive income as a replacement. These guys are spoiled though when ROI is months not years…and years…and years away.


Ur mising the point . Saying chia roi is low is wrong ,. Chia is priced low it is good time to mine and the early they jump in the better for them . I belive chia is good coin to farm and if they belive so 2 they might join . Dont role out the the people thet belive in chia farmi g

Peers map is scary . Any way i dident say they are hare i only said thet if they are coming we shouldent have notice yet . And i was asking if someone can esti.ate the time we will be seening them if they are coming

Sorry, communication is a two-way street. As you don’t bother to check your spelling at all, I really don’t bother to read what you write. I guess, you are trying to pull DrJones.

The first part in the OP was magically spelled right, implying that your typos are post process changes, thus not worth to bother.

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Ak e vild to ay vesd

I hear them all right. I sense it. My nose is twitching and that’s a sure sign that the rush of GPU miners are coming. They will run the hashrate to the moon. So then we can make even less money and sink the ship together.

Again chia is mising more then any thing else exposor . If they rush in they take their cut farmers will have to baer dimizing roi . But roi will get stabaler as it growse . As exposor grow price will climb . As the net become stable the coin will get value. Chia is not a joke its a finance tool . A very solid one in a rocking world .

super cheap 100 TB will cost you 1000 USD. With those you can currently mine 1 XCH per month. And that is not even counting the power costs and the hardware costs for a plotter machine.

With 1000 USD you can also get around 29 XCH right now. That is almost 3 years of farming.

So what point are we missing?


Hard drive failure. Let’s not assume that the drives are going to last 2, 3, 4, or more years. Not to be a Debbie Downer…

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If they’re cheap and used they’re even less likely to last…

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There will be some to be sure, people go where the money is. But also, many people do not. Remember when ASICS took over many blockchains, the cost of switching hardware was a barrier to entry. We could argue a $300 HDD and a dream can get you started in Chia, but realistically, any big operation would run the numbers and the hardware cost of farming $30…$70…$200 in Chia per day will turn away the business minded.

Ignorance is bliss.

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Very profitable

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the thing is hdd can last decay or 2 maybe even 3 . so what am i missing ?

so we can assume no one will bite in . while assuming that lets calculate roi for mining of a ever degrowing network. im just saying the price dont have to follow net space , look dog coin dont represent the blockchain does it ?

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maybe im mising something , is chia capable to do eterium fonctions ?

im just assuming the network can provide service to the public . if it got no value then what are we doing hare ? exept getting rich . becuse im getting rich hodling chia
for sure

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what if the price goes to the roof and it become so profetable thet it make soch an impact a craze ! what then who/what can denay chia from the trown ?