Gpu performance on bladebit

I am interested to hear from those who have done testing with plotting or farming what results people have been getting for different models of Gpu, so for example plot creation times.

And for farming how many of what C level a particular Gpu is good for.
I’ve not got a Gpu as of yet and don’t want to buy something that won’t work very well, Or pay for an expensive model that doesn’t perform that much better than something half the price.
There are types of server and mining cards without a monitor connection, any experience with these too? All the min requirements seems to say is Cuda 5.2 + and 8 gig ram. So be nice to compare, even though I think most people are using just what they happen to have already .

For farming you only need 2gb vram, plotting 8gb.

For plotting:
1070 about 5-5.5 min
3060ti about 3 min, which is also about the limit for pcie 3.0 and ddr3

Here some simulate result for bladebit farming.

But the simulator is quite conservative.

As a reference JM’s system with 2.2 PiB of c7 plots on a 3060ti was averaging 35% gpu load

Tesla p4 is a good value option for low profile

Be aware that Pascal based cards seem to occasionally cause GRR errors, but don’t ask me the specifics. I think it only affects harvesting though.

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Safest bet is to get at least a 20 series card, I tried 980 & 1080 for plotting and it’s not worth the hassle.
3060 with 12GB is a great card for plotting (and you can farm at the same time if you want) and they are fairly cheap nowadays.

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This is discouraging. Can’t use CPU do farming.


Depending on the compression level and the CPU it can farm compressed plots.

Cpu is fine for farming. But not for plotting.

I farm 400 TiB c4 plots with a i3-6100, going great.

For cpu farming, stay at c5 or lower though.

My 1.5PB C7 (planned) how can CPU do?

What is the CPU load in your case, sir?

Thanks, was what I was wondering I didn’t know that doc existed.

“400 PiB”?
Or did you mean “400 TiB”?

400 PiB is closing in on ½ an exabyte, and you winning every 10 to 15 minutes. Is that correct?

C5 is the highest recommended for CPU, compute load increases a lot for C6 and above. Use Bladebit simulate to test and don’t forget to allow for the filter change.

Haha yes TiB, sorry will edit

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Unless you have a killer cpu and very cheap energy, stay with c5 or lower for cpu.

C6/C7 needs a GPU to be effecient.

My cpu usage i quite low, maybe 20-25% average, but that’s with c4.

1.5 PiB C7, you want to go something like a 3060


What’s mean powerful? Ryzen treadripler 5900x ?
Or 3400g/3700x enought for c5-c6?
Have someone info about how muck watt/hour take gpu on c7 ?

Has anyone tried farming with an RTX 1050 Ti? Performance?