Great UI Additions from Skynet fork

I’ve been farming the Skynet fork for several days now and wanted to share some of the great UI additions that they’ve added to the client. I don’t have any connection with this project other than stumbling across it in some discord chat, so I don’t officially endorse it or anything. But I wanted to share the great UI additions - this isn’t just some copy/paste fork! This is stuff that the Chia client needs too and is a great implementation.

(* edit - I just realized those awful lookup times - it’s cause I’m running several huge plot copies in the background right now but it is normally under a second. Very cool to see this in real time!)

Logs page with built-in console:


is this working with NFT plots?

Yes but it is like the other forks, you claim your NFT pool rewards a week later using one of the NFT recovery tools. Actually I haven’t been farming long enough to know if Alltheblocks supports it or not yet, but regardless those NFT rewards will be waiting for you when they do.

*Edit actually looks like they do! Skynet XNT | ALL THE BLOCKS - Chia & forks | blockchain explorer

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Would be also nice, if they added one more section (next to “Last Attempted Proof”) that would list the last 10-100 worst lookup times (or maybe just over 2 seconds, …). That could eventually point to a bad drive or controller, and really make people aware that they do have lookup problems.

If you just browse Space or Flex pool, you will find plenty of farms with 20% of stale lookups. Of course, not all of those are just reflection of disk lookups, but still means that those farms could get a huge bump in their earnings (benefiting those farms, as well as pools).

By the way, Skynet code is also github based open source. Therefore, most likely Chia can just pull it, run some tests, and incorporate that code as is or with just few changes. That particular code is just log file manipulation, so should be no concerns about security side (doesn’t touch anything else).

Potentially, this is a way other forks can contribute to Chia ecosystem


I thought this was a fork of Sia’s Skynet and was confused for a minute.

With those lookup times due to plot copying, I would suggest this guide to help you:

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Nice, I hadn’t seen that before. I’m running Windows though - gonna do some research now and see if there is an equivalent. I know there is something called “BITS” (background intelligent transfer service) that is used for Windows Updates and can be used for other low-priority transfers - maybe that’s the ticket. Thanks for the idea!

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