Green mining’ crypto maker Chia Network valued at $500 million ahead of possible IPO

Green mining’ crypto maker Chia Network valued at $500 million ahead of possible IPO

Well this is only a month ago, Really this is better designed than Bitcoin? This is what bitcoin would look like if written today in 2021? Really? I don’t think so;

The problem of course is everybody believed their own BS, even the ‘vulture capitalists’ in SV believe in the Unicorns, that fairy’s do fly, and that that pig’s fly too as well as unicorns.

The problem of course is that CHIA was launched prior to test, that there was not pool in place or protocol, that the Chinese had already issued IOU’s for XCH in early 2021, and HPOOL had begun a pool months before 5May2021 launch of Chia.

Today, we see XCH hitting $200; Been losing 20% a week since the $1600 high at mainnet launch.

The team that couldn’t shoot right, is now the team that can’t hit a barn at the farm.

Green involves more than plots, harvesters, farm, and marketing; It involves people, it involves ‘cultivating the soil’, aeration, tender loving care;

Chia is said to be green like a plant, a plant doesn’t move, but consumes ‘waste’, animals move around but produce waste; Thus chia is more like an animal than a plant, its wastes resources like HDD’s, NVME’s and CPU’s, and RAM memory all toxic in the landfill.

Chia talks about the ‘farmer’ but where is he in the narrative, the person who tills the soil;

Reading this closely I wanted to know why $500M valuation, on what basis? Just because a VC guys says its the next Bitcoin; Which its not, its now #2700 in the list of 15,000 bitcoin clones;

Tomorrow the price will fall below $200, then $100; At $40 XCH will earn $1/Day/100TB ($3k USD worth of hard-disk); Probably the worst ‘whattomine’ profitability in the entire history of crypto mining.

The question begs to be asked, what rabbit can or will they pull out of their hat?

Hpool still has +80% of the space, nobody is moving towards NFT; HPOOL now also supports NFT, but its less than 1% of their users actually re-plotting; So the elephant is sticking with classic OG plots;

The IPO was the goal all along, the XCH was just the carrot; The basis of CHIA-NET-CORPORATION, was to be a software support company, CHIA was just a launch mechanism, their first product. The plan was post-IPO to sellout to IBM like Redhat deal for $10Billion USD.

So please ppl, come forward for your best ideas of how to get this broken dream back on track.

I don’t think it’s broke at all. You’re operating from a false premise. Just because you didn’t LAMBO doesn’t mean that anything is fundamentally broken.

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First off you are mistaken if you think chia was made for your farming profits. It is a new block chain built from the ground up to use a resource that was already available and highly over provisioned in the world at a fraction of the power usage and greater decentralization than any other blockchain. Chia has already delivered on that in just a few months of mainnet release.

Second the wiki had the expected value of XCH before release at $20 so the price is still ten times higher than that. The entire crypto market is dropping, not just chia. XCH Is still finding it’s real support level.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is the blockchain has JUST been released. It’s very easy to say everything is shit, but the reality is chia hasn’t even started to make real value from real world use. That will come as uses for the blockchain come online. Now that pools are online and miners can stop freaking out, the chia devs can focus on what actually matters, actual uses for the block chain. That will take time to create and get adopted. Keep in mind Bitcoin has been around for 11 years, and is barely more than a savings account, while using more power than many countries do a year. Ethereum has been around for 6 years with way more functionality than Bitcoin but still has way less market cap.

Have some realistic expectations for how long it takes a blockchain to grow in value.


Rly? Dont know? U blind? I can help u with 1 word “forks”

Why do only the village idiots on this site respond? Is this site owned & controlled by Bram&Gene?

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Does it suck being poor? I know I wouldn’t like it at all.

yes, please tell us all exactly why you are posting here? What are you trying to accomplish?

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