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Today we are sharing our plans about what we have in store for the Chia community. We are talking about the global involvement of all those who are part of the Chia Network. So, here we go!

As we said before, on 15 July 2023 at 12:00 UTC0, we’re starting our quest program at

It will open up interesting tasks for any of the participants, no matter if they are a Сhia farmers or just interested in blockchain or want to earn on this promotion.

The quest program will include tasks ranging from likes and reposts to complex chains with mandatory roles and permissions to complete.

The point of the program for the user is simple:

  • Complete as many tasks as possible;
  • Earn points and climb the leaderboard;
  • Total reward pool 27 XCH = $1,000;
  • Number of participants — unlimited;
  • Number of winners — Top 100 of the Zealy Leadership Board;
  • The program will run until 15 August 2023;
  • You can join the waiting list today — just complete a simple registration — Zealy - Join the movement.

But we could not stop at such a simple promo. We decided that we should do another promotion, just for those who have already connected their lives with Chia farming. And the important thing is that you can take part in the Zealy quest and the Promotion at the same time, so you increase your chances of winning and potentially winning a prize!

After 5 days from the start of the quest, the FindChia Farmers Pool Promotion will be launched. It will be open to those who are already connected to the pool and those who want to temporarily join the pool to compete for prizes.

General rules:

  • The number of participants is unlimited;
  • The number of winners is unlimited;
  • The program will run until 10 August 2023.

The prize pool for this promotion is not linked to the prize pool of the quest program and will be distributed separately.


  • 1–50th place: 0.2 XCH + commemorative NFT (Gold);
  • 50–250th place: 0.05 XCH + commemorative NFT (Silver);
  • 250–1000 place: 0.01 XCH + commemorative NFT (Bronze);
  • 1000–4000 place: 0.001 XCH + commemorative NFT (Unranked).

The conditions to win are simple — a farmer must be a member of the pool, and you can join at any time before the end of the promotion.

The winner will be chosen by counting the points sent during the promotion period.

The promo will last from 20 July 2023 till 10 August 2023.

We would like to note that there are no losers in the promotioneveryone will be rewarded. Even with the smallest farm of 10 terabytes we are honoring the work of everyone!

Perhaps you have some questions or suggestions, and you want to share them with us. We are ready and waiting for you in our communication channels.



We wish victory to all participants! We will closely monitor the progress of the quest program and action, as well as always in touch with you.

For the latest news and changes, check out our Twitter account and Medium.

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Go somewere else to play your childrens games. We dont have time to play with you. Grow your own farm. Otherwise leave us alone with your stupid game.

And zealy is full off this kind shit, dont care to do those tasks. Keep your rewards.

I’m on the same team: not really into promo or sweepstakes stuff. But I work with a guy that absolutely jumps on every opportunity and it seems to work for him. Different strokes I guess, I don’t know. :man_shrugging:

And my opinion about NFT is that they are worthless shit. Only purpose of those is that sellers get money selling people AIR.