GUI reporting false positives for supposedly invalid plots

Question below, after explaining the issue:

Due to my motherboard’s BIOS having an issue with keeping external USB drives connected, when challenges came for my plots, the USB drives would disconnect and reconnect several times.

So the GUI’s failure to properly read the plots resulted in it deeming the plots to be invalid.

chia plots check -g filename_of_plots
confirmed that the plots are valid.

However, the GUI sill lists the valid plots as invalid.

Do I need to be concerned with seeing a list of invalid plots, when they are actually all valid?
Does the GUI keep a record of what it deemed to be invalid, and will therefore not consider them for farming/harvesting, etc?

Do I need to take any corrective action?
Or will the farming and harvesting not know about the GUI’s previous false positives? In other words, is the listing of supposed invalid plots only a list for the human, and not tied in to any of the workings of the Chia process?

Thank you.

Are you talking about an X570 Board? You might want to check if a beta BIOS is available to fix the USB issue. MSI released one recently.

If connection issues are happening I think that will reduce chances to win chia.

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It is a Gigabyte B550 Aorus Master motherboard, and a BIOS update is available that was released, specifically to fix the USB issue. I will be applying it later today.

But I am concerned that Chia might be keeping a database of issues with plots, and if so, I need to know how to undo or delete the records of the false positives.

I suspect that the “Invalid” listing is just for the user to be alerted to the issue, and Chia does nothing else beyond that. But I would like to get affirmative confirmation.

Thank you.

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There is no way to clear the GUI list of “invalid” plots, you can also replicate this by copying a *.plot file to a drive – the GUI will decide it is invalid, because it’s in the process of being copied. Once fully copied, the file is valid.

To reset the list of invalid plots, you must close and re-open the GUI. It’d be nice if there was a “refresh” button here to clear out false positives, but there isn’t at the moment.


Yes, a button to clear the list would be helpful.
Also, a button for the invalid plot to be re-checked would be helpful – or a right-click menu to remove that plot from the list or re-check that plot.

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How did you notice that?
thank you

A section of the GUI, near the bottom, showed up with a title about invalid plots (I forget the wording), and it listed the plots it deemed to be invalid.

It went on and recommended that I delete the bad plots.
Luckily I knew how to check them. It also seemed odd that for days I had no invalid plots, and suddenly I had dozens. So I figured that is must have been due to my USB drives disconnecting during plot inquires.

I was able to copy/paste the names of the plots listed, and check them manually. All were good.

The listing went away after I restarted the GUI, and the GUI has the correct number of plots that I have.

I don’t find this section, but does it come out just when there are invalid plots?

After I restarted my GUI, that section is not there on my PC, either.
So it probably shows up when it finds an invalid plot.

For the edification of anyone looking to build a Chia related system, please note that the Gigabyte motherboard was plagued with USB disconnect issues. The USB drives would disconnect on nearly every Chia challenge that came it. It was a hail storm of disconnects.

Every possible setting I tried did nothing to remedy the situation.
A detailed ticket that I opened with Gigabyte took them a week to reply. Their reply stated that I should make sure all BIOS settings were set to default values. That was it. That is all that they had to say.

That point was made in my ticket, which they clearly did not read.

Gigabyte’s ticketing system has no provisions for updating (editing) an existing ticket, and no provisions for replying to Gigabyte’s reply. Basically, you wait a week for a useless reply, and have no way to have further communications with them, short of opening another ticket, waiting a week, and repeat.

I returned the motherboards (two of them with the same issue), and replaced them with MSI motherboards. This is for a Ryzen 9 processor, and I consider myself lucky to find any two AMD motherboards that support 3 NVMe drives (one to boot, and two to plot).

In hindsight, I probably should be booting from a SATA SSD, to make use of yet another NVMe SSD for plotting. But everything is finally working. So I am not going to tinker with it.

The MSI motherboards work with no issues.

I had nearly a month of frustration dealing with the Gigabyte USB disconnect issue, interfering with the entire Chia process, and probably costing me rewards.

Between Gigabyte’s crippled motherboards, and their 100% useless customer service, I will never, Never, NEVER, have anything to do with anything related to Gigabyte products or services.