GUI says plots are farming says worker is offline

My GUI says I’m farming yet says worker is offline. I tried restarting chia and still worker is offline. Also noticed a block reward was not in my wallet either. Full node is synced and I’m running latest version of chia. Thoughts!? Thanks in advance for any help!

Check the pool payout instructions in the GUI, maybe the address changed.
If so, then use the new address to check flexpool

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Pool payout address is the same. Any other thoughts?

Restarted pc and it just came back few hrs later thanks

  1. Offline just means you haven’t submitted a partial in 10+ minutes. It doesn’t refer to what’s going on with your farmer, just what work you have (or haven’t) submitted to the pool (since if you don’t submit a partial, we don’t see you as submitting work). Depending on how many plots you have, it could be as long as 6 hours between points/partials.

  2. Block rewards never touch pools (unless you’re using a non-pool-protocol pool). They go directly to your reward address on the blockchain. You can find that address by clicking on the block on your Flexpool dashboard or checking your local configuration. This is true (except for checking Flexpool dashboard) for any major pool that uses the standard protocols. Always has been.

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Ok makes sense thank you! It’s a small farm I’m still growing it and waiting for my new plotter to sync.

I found the block it went to my evergreen farmer address! I have multiple wallets just had to find it!

Thank you!

We all started small. Don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

You get 1440 minutes a day, and ten points per plot per day. So to get your average time between points, multiply plots by 10 and divide that into 1440.

For example, my Evergreen has 119 plots. That’s 1190 points per 24 hour period on average, so I should get one point/partial every 1.21 minutes/73 seconds or so (1440/1190).

But that’s average over time. Could be a fair bit longer, or much faster. With 468 plots on another farmer of mine, I see some cases of two points in one second, and gaps of 8+ minutes, even when there should be an average of three partials a minute.

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I’ve got 13tb so far plotted but 100tb in drives ready to plot. It was not dropping off till last few days it’s gone from $.10-.11 to like $.4-.2 so idk if it’s just seemed strange