GUI should have more emphasis on sync stability and time to respond

The interface for Chia is nice, And informative. But to win a block you need to be synced and respond in the allotted time. These two pieces of crucial information are missing from the interface. To me these seem like no brainers to have on the interface. But we have a estimated time to win, That from what I can tell is completely useless.

Why in my head it seems that the interface (GUI AND Commandline) should have more emphasis on Sync stability and time to respond. Time to respond isn’t even on the interface anywhere… You need to dig into the log files assuming you have it set to INFO.

Its a bummer that so many people out there (Including me) could have a rig running from day one and never know they would NEVER get a block reward.

Or is this designed this way?

Sync is definitely shown in the GUI.

You are correct that time to respond (farmer harvesting plots) isn’t really shown, however, there is at least a WARN when your harvester time is over 5 seconds!

I agree with what you’re saying here, but remember Chia is still fairly new, just launched mainnet.

Sync is shown yes, But when you are out of sync there isn’t really much to go by. But at least its there.

I hope in the future they get something in there to visually show you if your response time is low.

I also agree, Its new. There still figuring it out. I don’t mean to be harsh, Just trying to put some constructive conversation out there.

My GUI was showing “synced” and “online” after I pulled the network cable…took quite a while for it to catch on…