Halving, halving ...it's coming! (...and after halving)


I wonder which of us lucky people will get one of the last blocks (5 045 ***) with a prize of 2 XCH…
Who will be the “unlucky” one - one of the first (5 046 ***) from 1 XCH?


Please let us know on the forum…


And does netspace go up as people scramble to maintain earnings or does netspace go down as people drop chia as unprofitable? (Or does chia price jump or dump?)

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I think (hope) netspace will fall, can’t see it going up unless there is a suitable increase in price.

I’m not adding more drives, haven’t done for a very long time, I have replaced drives with larger drives, which I may do again, my smallest drives are 16TB and I need to replace the drives in my NAS (not used for Chia and is off site backup) so may replace two if I can get them at a good price.



My 5 cents…
A lot of people will stay.
Despite the halving and low price.
Even apart from profitability.
I see a lot of faith in a product like chia from an economic point of view.
It may be deceptive, but the electricity consumption in most farms (<1PiB) is not so high that it overshadows the promised Lambo…
It will be difficult to disable the plug…
The HDD problem remains. What to really do with them?
What is the alternative?
People are lazy by nature. They don’t want change…


I keep telling people run the power cord to the house next door. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Just so it doesn’t turn out that the neighbor had already come up with this idea.
Then it will simply be a discovery mission that will restore balance in the energy system (depending on the size of the farm)…

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Netspace will probably drop some, as folks that can’t even break even drop out.
I don’t anticipate a LARGE change though. 10% or less would be my guess.


The small guys could make storj nodes, there’s no demand for PB storj nodes though.
People with 4TB sas drives might find a good fit at arweave and then some of the big plotters might work on filecoin.
Does sia still exist?

SIA seems to have gone ASIC.
Storj is VERY VERY limited - even the small folks are going to tend to have too much for that option, and it looks like profitability went to zero unless you run a node for YEARS on that option, with the changes to what they pay out in the last several months.

XCH is up to $39, is it the halvening?!

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Its pre halving you will see it after a few months. I think price will be at 100 end of the year.

Someone already wrote about it… :wink:

I hope a lot of people follow your suggestion.

So do I, that would be fantastic :grinning:

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I am waiting for the cheap used hard drives come up on eBay.

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You lose time? Do you stay in front of your monitor and looking whats going on all the time? :rofl: :laughing:


5,000,000 block is already behind us…
The price has moved up a bit…
What will happen to us after this turn?!?

While some are planning to throw their farming equipment out the window, like embittered football fans in Brazil after the national team lost a match… others are already preparing pillows to save this HW…

Isn’t our life diverse and beautiful?

Have a good day!

By the way - the above-mentioned work (The Scream) by the expressionist Munch was sold in 2012 for $120M…
And here we are working with chia for some small coins…

Somebody had far too much money!

The longer I live, the more I believe that people with tons of money - … have really amazing ideas for how to spend it…
Not much surprises me anymore.


Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…
The clock is ticking.
Only about 10,250 minutes left!

Should we bet on the XCH price in the first minutes after the halving?

The voluntary participant provides the stake with an accuracy of one decimal place in USD according to the average rate on BitMart.
Everyone can submit only one proposal until the end of March 2, 2024 (UTC).
I propose a rate of 0.1 XCH paid to my address.
The person closest to the rate at the moment of halving receives the entire pot.
I don’t charge a commission, unless the winner is kind enough to honor me with any amount…

What do you say?

If I don’t trust you, we can play it like gentlemen.
We place honorary bets.
After the decision is made, the lucky winner provides their address for our payments.
Anyone who does not pay the agreed amount will be blacklisted and we will not let him into the saloon for whiskey!

EDIT3 (3 March):
It’s a pity you didn’t want to play the course on the halving day…
Me, if I played (but it was too late) - I was supposed to bet $48.3,
although after what happened in the last hours - I don’t know if I would be close enough to win.