Hardware and Software Wallet Recommendation


I’m quite new to cryptocurrencies in general. One thing I know that keeping the coins in exchange is considered to be a bad practice.

To be more secure, I bought a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. It never occurred to me to check its capacity as it’s highly recommended wallet. I thought it would be the end of all my wallet needs. To my surprise and disappointment, Ledger Nano S can only hold 3 applications at a time. If you’re only into the main ones you should be fine but I’d like to diversify my portfolio and invest small amounts into a number of different coins so Ledger Nano S is not big enough for me. I can’t find Ledger Nano X so I’m going back between Trezor One and Trezor Model T. Has anyone used any of these (or any other hardware wallets) and can give some tips?

On the software side, I installed Exodus as it supports a whole bunch of currencies. Also it seems to have integration with Trezor. And also it supports staking but I don’t know if it’s reliable. Similar to hardware, I’d appreciate tips/tricks/pointers about software wallets as well.

Soon enough Chia will be supported by hardware & software wallets so I guess finding a good hardware/software wallet is relevant to our Chia coins too.