Hardware for Farmer/Harvester - NUC too slow?

This is my little operation and the response times. I actually planned to use my core i3 NUC as the main farm but it seems that it can’t really handle all the plots/requests. Even the Core i7 NUC seems to struggle compared to my 3950x and i9 10900.

Any suggestions? Is this because of RAM (Core i3 NUC has 16GB, the i7 32GB) or CPU performance?

Any recent NUC should be fine (unless it happens to be under heavy load for some reason). How is your storage connected to it?

I have ~500 plots on a NUC that’s also my plotter and it checks all proofs under 1sec consistently via USB 3.1 attached drives…

same here. USB 3.1 drives
I was wondering bc the i7 NUC is also quite slow in the RT compared to the AMDs

This is surprising because I got plot-shamed in keybase chat over some dude who had 16,000 plots attached to a single Raspberry Pi 4 farming them. Therefore, farming shouldn’t require a lot of powerful hardware, in theory and in practice.

That said, on my main farm node at the datacenter I see healthy CPU usage on a 4-core 7th gen Xeon, like so…

And it’s doing nothing but farming. Absolutely nothing else!

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Reminds me of that famous saying (from 1993!): “On the internet nobody knows that you actually don’t have 16,000 plots attached to a single Raspberry Pi 4”.

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Would be nice if there was a way to exercise as much of the proof process as possible beforehand because all my little 5400RPM 120 MB/s 5TB usb drives do happen to have 128MB of cache each… if only I could get an optimal portion of the data required for the proof process pre-loaded into that cache, that would probably speed things up a bit.