Hardware Upgrade Recommendation

I would like to get other’s suggestions and/or recommendations in regard to
my particular hardware related dilemma question. Current farm configuration is
not sustainable due to my Pc not being win11 compatible and to make an
unnecessarily and extremely long first draft story even shorter,

I utilize a single Win10 PC farmer, running all chia services. Created first k32 plot Oct.2021, currently at 1300 plots, 140TiB in size
standard uncompressed k32 & k33 ‘plot-nft’ pooling plots generated with the official Chia plotter. involved with this crypto project only as a hobby

Current setup is a ‘dumpster salvaged’ Asus gaming motherboard (circa 2013) with an
Intel Quad core cpu, 16gb 1300mhz ddr3 memory, 6-pcie slots, 4 sata expansion cards, 36 hdd’s (8tb, 4tb, 1tb)
In your professional opinion(s) What would make a better Farmer upgrade.?

#1 HP 400-G7 Intel Core i5-10500 3.1GHz 6-core, 12-thread, (16gb)2x8gb 3200mhz ddr4 memory, 2-pcie slots (16x, 4x)
{this option I must setup another PC to harvest current number of hdd’s to accommodate expansion}

#2 HP 800-G3 Intel Core i5-7600 3.2GHz 4-core, 4-thread, (32gb)4x8gb 2666mhz ddr4 memory, 4-pcie slots (16x, 1x, 1x, 4x)
{this option I can attach all current hdd’s with room for some expansion}

Option #2 what would it cost to upgrade the CPU? What type can it support up to?

HP specs show an Intel Core i7-7700 3.6GHz 4-core 8-thread, is compatible with this G3, however spending more money is not in my budget unfortunately.

Are you sure about it being 3.2 GHz?
The i5 7600K is 3.8 GHz.
The i5 7600 is 3.5 GHz.
The i5 7600T is 2.8 GHz.

Are there other i5 7600 versions?

I recently purchased an HP G2 Mini with an i7 6700, that came with 32 GB RAM:

According to the below comparison chart, it has higher scores (mostly) than the three i5 7600 choices to choose from:


My G2 looks and runs like new, from that refurbishing seller.

EDIT: Mine is not Windows 11 compatible.


The i5-10500 had the highest CPU scores.

New chart:

Yes, you did in fact display the correct specs for the i5-76xx series.
Thanks for the link comparing benchmark tests, lots of good information there.
I’m not able to spend any money on this upgrade, must utilize what I have laying around

Is Windows 11 a must have?
And are the two systems you listed Windows 11 compatible?

Do you have both machines 1 and 2? Or this something your looking at? And depending on what level you might want to make compressed plots you may have to buy a GPU that the PC will support.

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At this point in my little hobby, Win11 will suffice, I have been playing with Ubuntu on the back burner for some art ventures but have no immediate plans to convert over for chia.
I have successfully installed win11 pro using the downloaded ISO file from Microsoft on the 800-G3 after updating the TPM to 2.0. The 400-G7 is already Win11 pro

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Any compressed plot will require you to have more system memory than those machines have. If you want to keep making 106gb plots it can be done on a 16gb machine. Doing more will need more hardware. Start collecting ALU cans like I do, :sweat_smile:

yes I currently have both of these PC’s running in my workshop
I have pondered the idea of getting into compression, GPU plotting, etc, but spending any additional funds right now are not an option, so I must choose one or the other within a few months unless I find something better suited before then

ah yes memory considerations, I don’t believe these cheap consumer grade desktop pc’s I have could ever handle more than 64gb memory anyways, so my plotting efforts will just have to remain with the chia software, actually I’ve used the mad-max version included with the current chia builds via command line, and a k33 plot completes in 7 hours

I already collect deposit cans and bottles all the time! The word is here in NY the deposit is going to 10 cents

You could make k32 MMX or chia plots 106gb around 45 minutes maybe.
It is possible to make MMX plots k32C7 in 2.3 minutes. I use a Dell T5810 with 256gb memory and a nvidia 3060-12gb card, temp drive is a Samsung 970 EVO 1tb nvme on a adapter.

Taxes in NY are killing you…

my plotter is an HP 400-G6 with 16gb memory, 1.2tb extended volume nvme ssd array.
was completing MMx K32 plots in about 2 hours, then decided to switch to K33 for no particular reason and felt the plot time was acceptable considering my cheap hardware

What are you using for a temp drive? Then the plot gets copied to destination drive.
Using a Dell desktop OptiPlex 790 with i7-2600, 16gb system ram and a 1tb nvme temp drive it was making plots in 45 minutes. All in windows 10 pro.

temp drive are ‘2’ 512gb nvme and ‘1’ 238gb sata ssd mounted as one extended volume, yes I know not the best setup, but I try to scrap things together and get something to work on a beggars budget

The two 512 joined together, shouldn’t be that slow. So you have a boot drive, temp drive and final drive correct?

just going over my plotter setup,
256gb sata-ssd OS,

512gb nvme,
512gb nvme to pcie,
238gb sata-ssd,

remaining sata port for hdd final drive

perhaps my question should have began with does farming benefit from better cpu power or more memory if I could only choose one