Harverster warning

WARNING There are 9 plots with a farmer or pool public key that is not on this machine. The farmer private key must be in the keychain in order to farm them, use ‘chia keys’ to transfer keys. The pool public keys must be in the config.yaml

What is wrong?

To clarify this is remote harvester where only two things was done before it ran:

  • chiaclient installed
  • chia init -c /folder-with-ca-from-main-pc

Anybody? Some help would be appreciated.

This is not a problem. Harvester will work just fine and when you move these plots to the farmer with secret key, the plots will check normally

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What do you mean? Why would i move my plots elsewhere else? I’d like them stay where they are.

Anyway i think i got your point. My remote harvester doesn’t need to be setup as farmer pc, so this is not a problem.

Thanks you. :woman_mage:

Yeah I just presumed you were running a harvester on a plotter machine while the hdd is not full yet.

Yes it is my remote harvester is plotter as well. But when hdd is full it stays with harvester pc, what is the point to move it to the main pc?

I plotted on my main desktop workstation that had limited I/O and desk space. While plotting, I ran a harvester on the plotting rig as I filled 3 or 4 drives at a time. When a drive got full, I took it into my other room where my farmer is running. It’s got plenty of USB and SATA ports, and it’s out of my way. Now that I’m not currently plotting, I have my normal desk and workstation again. This was also very useful when I re-plotted portable plots – I kept the farmer and all my OG plots in the other room and brought drives to my plotter as needed.

That’s my reason