Harvester (/CA) contribution shares?

I have a main node, and few harvesters distributed in different locations (home, office, and cloud server).

I can see them in my GUI chia, and working great. They’re all mining in a pool without issues.
Just wondering, how do I check their contributed points each of them?
They may need to reboot, update etcs and led to a down-time. And I am curious if there’s any solution that I can have a clear overview for their each own contributed points to a pool?

Doesn’t your pool tell you that?
If not I believe farmr could, but i don’t run harvesters.
I know with farmr you can add them, and view them individually so at least you’ll know if they go down or not.

I wish GUI could tell me that but…
And, I don’t want to run each harvester on different PlotNFT pool. Cuz I heard that when add too many pools, somehow it will hit a problem…