Harvester to remote host farm?

is it possible to perform and function correctly having different REMOTE=harvester hosts in different regions using the internet network to point to a remote host farm?

Short answer: yes.

I run multiple harvesters in the cloud, and a single farmer/full node at home. I have multiple wins with this set up 100Mbps/20Mbps down/up home internet.

I do have very occasional minute or so outages. But I’m also plotting on the full node.

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Thank you very much, now I’m calm!
I’m working a lot on it but unfortunately I’m still a beginner I only have 120 plots and 0 Chia Coin :frowning:
I intend to do similar to your trying to plot by AWS and farm at my house but I still can’t find the ideal type(server) on AWS

Short answer AWS costs way to much. S3 would be the cheapest storage and that’s $23/TB/mo

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you run cloud plotting on AWS with which Instance Type configuration? How many plots/hour are you getting?