...has a farmer public key that is not in...pk list

I am using the most recent version of gigahorse - CLI. The OS and version on my plot machine is Linux Mint most recent LTS. I am dealing with a problem regarding the finished plot files and their attending keys.My plots contain a farmer public key I got from my farmer machine using chia keys show.

The farming machine uses Lubuntu most recent LTS. The version of chia blockchain CLI is the most recent and it is gigahorse compatible.

I get the following warning when I examine the debug log on my farm machine running chia block chain CLI:

harvester chia.ploting.manager {plotxyzandso-on-andsoforth}...has a farmer public key that is not in the farmer's pk list

Can anyone help me fix the warnings?

I have read docs but they concern themselves with errors from the debug log. I can’t even understand the docs enough to know my node and plots are being synced with the blockchain on the chia main network. That’s because it’s like hey if you don’t have an error you’re fine. I still can’t tell if my plots are being picked through for discovery of a block. The warnings are creating a problem when I try chia plots check. It gets stuck in a loop where the farmer public key takes longer than 10s.


Besides the farmer public key, did you use a pool public key or a pool contract key when making these plots?

Pool public key I verified this

If it’s not the contract key, then you made OG plots…

What are OG plots and why is the harvester warning me about the farmer public key?

Some reading for you…
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Mr. HiCom,

My warning does not relate to having problems connecting to a pool:

harvester chia.ploting.manager {plotxyzandso-on-andsoforth}...has a farmer public key that is not in the farmer's pk list

However I am in fact using OG plots.

Why would OG plots cause the warning about the farmer public key not in the pk list?

Does the new NFT protocol hate OG plots?

Why should I be using the NFT protocol and NFT plots - if I am not using a pool? Is there backwards compatibility problems with using OG plots?