Hashpool Hacking?

Has anyone noticed “hashpool” won 25 out of 100 blocks recently with zero space while HPOOL won only 1?

EDIT: data from miningpoolstats.stream

i read on reddit some theres an exploit that is being fixed it has to do with profit distribution. possibly related maybe not.

I think this is the answer for: Points not updating - #4 by juppin

This exploit became known to pool operators yesterday, I think. It’s a flaw in the reference pool, because it will distribute anything they receive, so attackers can send small amounts and trigger a points reset. Those who have copied it as is are having the issue.

On 21Chia we verify rewards thoroughly so we only eventually distribute actual pool block rewards and not what some random dude sends in. You’re welcome to join our pool https://21chia.com

When Flexpool fully lauched on the poortable mainnet, I will switch to them. It’s good that they are taking the time and writing the whole chia pool code themselves in the language of “Go” (rather than copying from the chia reference written in Python).

Yep, others like us that have done their homework won’t have this issue. I know of pools that have been unsuccessfully attacked.

@maxiopool.io care to chime in?

We have completely rewritten the reward distribution and a major chunk of the reference code for scalability reasons. Maxiopool users receive Real-Time XCH credited to their Account with PPS system instead of distributing whatever that’s in left the wallet. So I cannot see the same attack happening to us.

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