Have 300tb farm over 6 weeks for solo but not proof found. Is it normal?

Hi, I did check all my plots already with no error plots and when I use this plot on pool everything seems fine. However, not a single proof were found over 6 weeks. Is this normal or something wrong here?

What is your time to win on the GUI and are you responding in time (according to logs)?

I’ve checked average RT is less than 600ms. So I don’t think it’s go with my responding time.

Great, and your time to win according to the gui? Remembering it can be 2-3 times longer

It should be 28 day at most but its been almost two months now.

I believe the Chia Network say that it can take 2-3 times the estimated time…

It’s better farm with pool as I am using this pool at www.chiafarm.land

A few things you can do to verify that your setup is capable of producing Proof of Space:

if you have portable pool plots, join a pool with the official pool protocol
the pool will issue low difficulty challenges, that should generate the Proof of Space… but these only give you points towards the pool. Still this is a solid way to test.

in the same spirit of testing your setup with low difficulty challenges, and this can be used for both OG plots as the new portable pool plots – you could farm a fork of Chia.

Please take precautions by loading a fork in its own VM, make your plots read-only and ask the community if the fork is safe.

xchforks.com has a list.

Pick a fork with the netspace of say ‘Flora’ so that the difficulty is nice and low and you’ll get results fast, yet high enough in the ranking that it should be safe enough as many other farmers are also farming the fork.


I did test both pool and chia forks out. The result, I got rewards from both fine.

Everything works then,… for Chia it will be just a matter of time before you’ll win a block.


I also had 3000 OG before, didn’t get anything after 2 months, replot all of them into NFT in middle Jul and joined a pool.

There are threads discussing similar issue for several famers with > 1PB OG in chia git discussion.

Thank you. I guess I will just have join the pool at this rate.

better join with pool if your chance to win a block is greater than a day

In my experience it’s normal. I’ve personally gone more than 400% of the time stated in the GUI. Then won the next 2 blocks at about 25% of the stated time in the gui. Even pools will go 500% over. granted those are typically measured in hours or mins vs days/weeks/months, but the concept is the same. With a 300TiB farm and the current netspace of 34 EiB, there’s a 20% chance you win 0 in 42 days.

I really wouldn’t consider plotting solo unless I had 1PB or more (preferably 5PB+). SpacePool has been good.