Have any of you wondered about this...?

I would like to share some thoughts with you…
Perhaps this is not important for chia’s “career”, but as a person partly in the marketing industry, I know that not such “little things” mattered for the success or failure of the product introduced to the market.
Where did the Founding Fathers come up with the name “chia”?

Don’t you think that such a name may be responsible for any difficulties in the development of the project and its popularity?
What does it sound like…seed, plant…?
I have associations with board games.

When talking to possible business partners who can give the necessary impetus to the project, isn’t such a name an obstacle? Maybe no one will tell Chia Inc about this. - but it is a certain barrier.

Of course, it was not me who spent years developing and introducing this product (Mr. Cohen - respect and greetings!). Maybe Sir Bram has a better sense of this topic and his vision goes further…

Why wasn’t it given a slightly more serious name, as in the case of Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
Why, if it had to be “ecological”, not E-seed, Chiabit, Ecogreen (this is written quickly, but you can come up with something better, not necessarily standard).

Compare - what it sounds like (in 50 years, “somewhere”, in the cyber-city-future):
“Hey bro - I have 2 bitcoins in my wallet, they have been falling a lot lately…”
“Kido - sell 5 chias, we’ll buy a new Aston Martin…”

But what do I know…
Maybe I’m being nitpicking… :wink:


I agree, it is a poorly picked name. Add n to it and you get China.
Well at least it is not named rapeseed :smiley:


Yeah, I agree as well. I think they wanted something associated with farming that implies “green.” (to associate it with green energy, I suspect) It’s one of the hardest things to get past when explaining the project to friends and relatives.

What about chia do you associate with board games? I’m a board gamer and I don’t tend to connect the two.

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Yikes, you got a proper laugh out of me - well played.


A real danger with coin naming is coming up with something generic, or possibly worse, something with ‘Bitcoin’ in the name or a derivative that sounds like it’s riding on coattails (Bytecoin, or Bitcoin Whatever for example).

Chia is at least short and memorable, and I count that as a plus.

I will agree that it’s hard to be taken seriously at work when I say I’m trading Meowcoins or Chias though - it sounds silly.

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In my childhood, I had a game where, as you moved around the board, you collected various plants, which could then be used when you hit trouble on other game fields. Unfortunately, I don’t remember its name anymore.

Huh. I don’t recall any board game like that from my younger years, but I’ve always lived in the US. Where do you live?