Haven't been able to sync, been months

I have followed the steps on this page: Syncing Problems on Windows – The Chia Farmer

after 15 minutes of running the GUI, it is “syncing” but stays at 0. I am connected to only 2 other Full Nodes, but all other new connections are being refused.

Below is a clip from the Debug Log. Can provide the rest if needed. Does anyone know what to do?

Windows 10, Chia version 1.3.4

DEBUG LOG: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16aWBCGJvn8G0b6k6mMfymyCQ5aNGBdL2/view?usp=sharing

Did you do the db upgrade when you installed 1.3.4? Also just to ask how much disk space do you have and the spec of your machine. Since you state its been months you might to try and shut down chia and rename the folder under mainnet db to db_old, and in the wallet folder rename that db to db_old also. This way you have a cya. then restart chia and see if it starts to sync, you claim its been months so three days wont hurt you.

No but I just wiped it, including the DB, and reinstalled and now it’s working

WHat is the DB upgrade, by the way?

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If you had an old db from 1.2.11 you run .\chia db upgrade which converts the v1 database to the v2 database. but since you said you wipped them out should create v2 from scratch.

Check back in 3 hrs to let us know your status.

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Chia version 1.3.4 has problems. I am not sure if syncing is one of them.
Version 1.3.3 is a stable version.

If you cannot get your syncing to work, then I suggest that you install version 1.3.3.
That might solve your problem.

Read above, he deleted the db files and now its syncing.

Just to note if he installed 1.3.3 with his old corrupt database he would still have had the problem, but syncing with a clean building data base is his fix.

My understanding is (I tested it) that v1.3.3, when syncing from scratch, is creating v1 db. So, the best option is to stop it after a couple of minutes, run the db upgrade (will take a minute or so), and it will continue as v2 from that point on. Also, I didn’t see difference (or it was negligible) between syncing from scratch using v1 vs v2 (so db layout got changed, but syncing code is the same).

I don’t know what v1.3.4 does.

Yes you have to sync with 1.3.4 to create a V2 database from scratch.

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Still successfully syncing. about 25% done. Looks like wiping DB and reinstalling 1.3.4 works.

Instead of syncing, you can download v2 db.

When your finished syncing then you can shut down chia and copy those folders (.chia and .chia_keys) to a USB drivee for safe keeping so you won’t need to do it from scratch again. And maybe once a month made another backup.

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