HELP: Hpool issue

I would like to inform about one issue.
I have opened account in Hpool.
Pool binding is successful. But there is not online miner and I cannot see my pools. I have 55 plots not in Chis network. I add some screenshots. Please, help me. May be, I did some mistakes in configuration?

Hpool will take some time to approve your account for new users and your plots will need to approved/signed by Hpool with their checks to avoid double farming. Some approved within hours while some can take up to 24 hours or more.

I assume you would have binded your Google or phone number to verify you account.

Try right-click your path file and click “plot file list”. Make sure you point to direct folder if there is. I assume you store all your plots in main drive D:.
Check if your files are shown as invalid.

Hi guys,
Anyone facing issue of miner/farming machine seem to not show being online in Hpool dashboard?

I’ve just discovered that Scan Time & Scan Consume in the Hpool Windows GUI is empty/0. Just happened couple of hours ago. I don’t know what happened. Just stopped showing live in Hpool dashboard.

I am on v1.4.1


Check you logs and try running in console instead of gui. My guess is that your network permissions are blocking the Hpool program or the drives are set to read only. Also if you connection times out by exceeding the time limit you will need to restart everything.

Lastly the contribution page typically lags by about an hour so after you reset everything check to make sure it is working. The online miner page doesn’t seem to matter and can often be wrong. Online plot and contribution seems to be what payments are based off of.

Thanks。Been running for week with no issue and suddenly just shows 0. Hpool even sent me an email that my machine is offline. Their online chat isn’t much of a help since it’s a bot.

Strange other things like ETH/Litecoin miners have no issues. I can’t even access Hpool website on the PC but no issues on other devices (same ISP different location/account).

I had the same thing happen and many people reported to same in the Hpool reddit.

This is the error message:
A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond." f7="{loggers.go,logging.CPrint,156}" f8="{server.go,websocket.(*Server).connect,89}" f9="{server.go,websocket.(*Server).check,65}" tid=82 url="

Mind sharing the thread URL in reddit please. Thanks.

I don’t have the link to the specific thread on reddit but if you search on their reddit page there are a couple posts about it. Your connection timed out. Once that happens you need to restart everything. Anytime the response time is over 10s Hpool no longer reads the contribution until everything is restarted.