Help Swar job config 10850k

Hi everybody I have a system with specs below and recently started plotting Chia.
CPU: INTEL I9 10850k
RAM: HyperX 64 GB 3200mhz (the max i can get 2933mhz)
SSD: 2* (M2 Viper VPN100 2TB) stripped

My best config until now is this:

 max_concurrent: 12
  max_for_phase_1: 3
  minimum_minutes_between_jobs: 1

- name: Viper
    max_plots: 999
    temporary_directory: [ D:\Plotter ]
    destination_directory: [ E:\Plots ,F:\Plots ] 
    size: 32
    bitfield: true
    threads: 6
    buckets: 128
    memory_buffer: 4500
    max_concurrent: 12
    max_concurrent_with_start_early: 12
    initial_delay_minutes: 1
    stagger_minutes: 10
    max_for_phase_1: 3
    concurrency_start_early_phase: 4
    concurrency_start_early_phase_delay: 10
    temporary2_destination_sync: false
    exclude_final_directory: false
    skip_full_destinations: true
    unix_process_priority: 10
    windows_process_priority: 128

Im getting aroung 27-28/plots per day with this config
i saw the brother in law build that gets aprox 40 plots/day with 8threads but i only getting 20plots/day with 8t

What are your suggestions guys for faster plotting
Thanks in advance

Well I haven’t seen anyone yet who has been able to reproduce those brother-in law results.
Also, from the text I gather that he only ran 8 plots total, so not a real benchmark for when you keep running and then get an average over a few days.

In general I think Intel is better in fast plotting, not so much plotting a lot at the same time. So I would suggest you take the same approach as Storage_jm and try running 8 plots, 6-8t.

Also the way you have it setup I think you are not running enough in phase 1 at a time. I would think that a new plot will have to wait sometimes because there might already be 3 running in phase 1

Anyway: try running 8 at a time with max 3 in phase 1, 30 minute stagger

Ohh thanks i will give it a try as soon as get results for 4t 4in phase 1 max 15 plots