Help with Swar settings plz

Hi everyone,
first of all great forum!!!

Need help with setting up my plotting machines… was trying so many different settings and cant get more than 35 plots while should be 50…
have 5 x plotters with : x570-plus / ryzen 9 5950x 16C/32T / 2 x crucial ct32g4dfd8266 ddr4-2666 (64GB) / system is on 240 gb ssd / plotting drives 2 x samsung PM9A1 2tb pclex4 4.0 (4tb in RAID 0 )

Any advice how to setup swar and to increase plotting output ?

Thanks for help in advance

Alot are using mad max now instead of swar, seems faster from general reports.

will try that one too

but as can see for mad max idea is to have ram disc for temp#2 that I do not have…

yes madmax seems to be much easier to get the most out of your system, because you just run 1 plot at a time.

Overall output per day, is not much different, at least not on every system but with the original plotter and something like swar it takes more time to figure out how to run the plots at optimal settings.

You can set temp 1 and temp 2 as the same drive letter
I’m using nvme, much faster than gui plotter, I never got swar working so can’t compare to that.

30 mins 1 plot so in 24 hrs 48 is ok progress is made now will try to play with ram util. to improve time

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Much closer to your 50 target than you were, congrats.

Get rid of the RAID0 and address NVMe directly.
Was also seeing lower numbers than before when switching to the AMD RAID controller.