Hi can anyone help changed from 2.1 to 2.2 and now will not open node

my chia node will not open just spinning for hours and will not open .

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Check debug log. Please look for errors.

Close Chia, rename the config yaml, see if the Chia GUI will open, if it does you have an error in the yaml file.

If it doesn’t, close it again and rename the database folder and try again.

Usually it’s one of the above. I have in the past had to uninstall Chia (make a backup of the yaml & DB folder) , delete all left over folders, reboot and reinstall.

Thank you I will give it a go

Hi thank you for your help not working I have been in
Chia from the start managed to farm 10 chia and I all so lost the keys from when I started. thanks again

Hi guys I have my farmers payment number is there any way of getting my account back from that
Many thanks

Just what version of Chia are you trying to run? And how long have you been playing with chia? And 2.2 of what?

I’m presuming from version 2.1.1 to 2.1.2, but very limited vague information supplied.

Hi I am trying to run 2.3 on windows 10 the wallet farmer opens then stops when it gets to the node and just spins this was my first project and as you can probably see I’m not that good with computers
Many thanks Steve .

Hi it was all fine on on 2.0 then I had to change to 21

Then 2.2 not working then it changed to 2.3 and stil the same thanks

Do you have any backups of the config file and database files from when it was working?

Hi no I thought it was backed up on the computer
I know it’s not an excuse I’m getting on I thought chia
Looked good never had a problem before nearly two years only changed from 2.1.1 as space- pool stoped paying out thank you.

I used to have countless problems with spiny circles in the early days, I’ve been farming since May 2021.

Sometimes when that happened I had to delete everything, but I would normally start with the config (backup/rename folder etc), the the main DB (Backup/rename folder), then the wallet database (same applies).

Then if it work I would reinstate the above one by one until it broke.

The really important part is to make sure Chia is fully shut down, it can take some time, to be certain reboot the computer.

If it still didn’t work after removing all three of the above, I would uninstall Chia (shutdown chia, reboot PC, use add & remove programs to uninstall), then I would open a file explorer window (start+e) and enter %appdata% in the address, navigate to each folder and delete anything Chia related.

Then reboot and reinstall chia, this usually fixed the problem, but its a long time since I’ve needed to do it. If this works, you will be syncing a new blockchain database and that took me six days recently when I tried it, or you can download one from Downloads - Chia Network If you get to this point ask how to do it.

One last thing are you just trying to access your wallet, or carry on farming plots?

Hi Ronski

Thank you very much for the info
I will try all your recommendations, I remember not closing chia down when I installed chia 2.1.2 it is strange it looks as if it going to open but then stops
And never opens just the spinning and the word nobe
Sorry if I sound stupid but never had any computer experience before I started with chia many thanks

Hi Ronski
Sorry I forgot to say I what to carry on farming retirement age in a couple of months, I have about fifty TB
If all fails I’m thinking of buying an old computer on eBay and starting again p.s can I use my plots on a new computer with out re plotting again thank you.

As long as you use the same 24 word key, you can use you’re old plots, if they are NFT pool plots then you may have to wait for everything to sync back up.

However I would say that with just 50TB I wonder if its worth the hassle/expense, in fact its quite possible you’re making a loss just on the cost of electric running the computer.