Holyday NFT?131415

Whats going on with the nft they made?

What about it? If you have a CH21 CAT token (the Chia Holiday 2021 CAT), you can send it to them and they will send you the NFT. Is that what you are asking?

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Why whould i have the CH21 CAT token?

I see so if i hold this one i might get the next year one?

The CH21 token was distributed to everyone that farmed a block in 2021. It was meant to be a recognition to early adopters. I don’t think they have plans to do it again.

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I see , well its 2022 holydays now ! Got confused ,. I like the snowflakes , they are very uniq.

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Yeh, they are really late. But if you read through the blog post, he outlines the timeline and what occurred to make it so late. Here is the link: The Holiday NFTs are here! - Chia Network