How can I compress current plots

I don’t want to replot my drive with new compress plots…

Welcome… unfortunately the problem is that there is no software available to do what you want. As to why, that is because it is more work and so less efficient to do what you want, than to simply replot by creating new (so called) compressed plots.

The only practical solution is for you, yourself, to create the sw tool you want. Sorry, but that’s the only available choice for you.


The only practical solution is to delete old plots and create new compressed plots.

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Not really practical as its stated

Id say its more practical to do nothing and farm on in this case.

Well, writing a conversion program is going to be impossible for most people, so deleting and replotting is more practical, but yes, doing nothing is even more practical.

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Sorry, couldnt help myself, thought you were a little harsh.
Enjoy your day.

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20.0000 chrs

My bad :bone:s - :woozy_face: …should have said - not practical solution:rofl:

yeah … doing nothing … I like that … super easy … quick … plus instant results … just carry on!

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im really just a nube with 400 plots…

Keep plotting but with compress plots and you numbers will go up… :santa:

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Was how i took it, no reflection on you, but maybe self reflection through others actions.

" you only see whats present in yourself " and all that.

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You don’t need to replot if you don’t want. Simple as that!

Indeed you don’t, my brother is still on OG plots. Obviously his rewards has gone down as he hasn’t grown the farm either.

Who big is that farm?

I’m not sure, I think it’s only about 200TiB

Im using 16 x
SSD sata 7.68tb for my farm

c18 GH
smart or stud?

7.68GB?? Sweet…that u have SSDs. That’s impressive :heartpulse:, if way overkill for the work needed. Maybe u want to sell ? If so :phone: :laughing: instead of replot.

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