How can I sell just 1 chia?

I like chia. I want to keep nearly all of them. I’m optimistic. And it is my first crypto! Well, second, I mined some garliccoin, which was lots of fun, but also turned my PC into a room heater.

I also have more fun if I’ve covered my initial expenses, then I can go back to being a hobby uh… nevermind, let’s face it, buy more drives.

Has anyone in the USA been able to sell a single chia privately? Is it considered good or bad? The foreign exchanges that require me to send a picture of my driver’s licence kinda sketch me out. But I also don’t want to get hoodwinked in a private transfer - maybe some sort of escrow thing exists?

Wanna do g&s paypal?

What’s g&s? Yup, I got paypal.

Goods and Service payment method. It’s basically an escrow with a 2.7% free.

Sure! And then what is common for how to decide on a price? Whatever the exchange says minus a fraction?

I would imagine that they are exchanged at market price, but if one party is more desperate, a deal is a deal.