How can i trading (SELL) XCH im trading account

I check that my wallet has about 6.39 XCH ( i bought 2,3 months ago). Now i want to trade ( withdraw that xch to my bank account or sell, but i can not find anything in trading account or in the wallet, anyone knows please share and help !

there are a couple of exchanges, accepting chia like or

They are located in asia, you likely dont want to keep your funds there, but i had no issues so far.
Also I dont know the legal situation trading on an asian exchange if you are located in the us for example.

you can send your chia there (no fee) convert it to usdt and transfer it to your preferred exchange for i think 1-3$ transfer fee

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They both don’t allow US customers. Is there a exchange which allow to trade XCH for US customers?


I was able to trade out XCH for USDT on Kucoin last week and I’m in the US. I haven’t done a withdrawal to bank account though, only other coins but I was able to pull them all out to my own wallets just fine.

Thank for the information

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Oh. God.
I’m using OKX App and buy XCH from there. But when i check the wallet, i can not see my money there except some small as picture screen shot.
Byw, How can i transfer such xch ( about 6 xch) to my wallet, because now i want to add the wallet to the farming wallet when i plot, actually, i was stucked there !

[quote=“BrianDD, post:6, topic:18300, full:true”] How can i transfer such xch ( about 6 xch) to my wallet…

The icons at the top of your screenshot: “Withdraw”

Withdraw should have an option to put your wallet address and usually which network you are sending the coins on (Chia network for us!).

Also it looks like your money is in an “earn” category - do they have some kind of staking or liquidity pool incentive program you are in? It looks like your coins are in there.

I am in US and have used BitMart in the past they accept Chia Chia/USDT then either buy other coins or transfer USDT

Epic thread resurrection :wink:

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Yep I saw that after I posted

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