How chia pooling will work

How chia pooling will work:

Let’s say Mr J. runs the pool. And we are 20 chia farmers on it farming day and night, all linked by a pool key (you get this from the pool of you choice).

At a certain hour, 1 of farmer Xs’ plots finds a block. Right away, the pooling system divides the new block into 8 equal parts.

Farmer X gets to keep 1/8 of the reward. Now the 7/8 gets divided into 19 parts.

Each of the 19 parts (-the 1% pool fee, this going to Mr J.'s wallet) drops directly into 19 individual farmer wallets. And it repeats the same cycle over and over again.

I think that’s determined by the pool operators… and I assume they will follow all the existing models for pooling from other cryptocoins?

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The chia pool protocol does not allow the pool operator to receive block rewards directly. He will only receive that pool fee (fee or no fee decided by pool operator themselves).