How do you make your own pool?

Hi !
I have seen info how to join someone elses pool but not how you make your own ? Is there an easy way to do this or does it require coding ? Building a webbsite ? Anyone has that info ?

Honestly if you have to ask, you probably don’t want to get into it, it requires quite a bit of understanding of coding and networks.

There is a reference code for the pool protocol, but it’s not production ready, so it requires a pool operator to take that code and implement it into a working system.

If you have the skills, you best go to the chia keybase, there should be a pool channel/group there.

The code can be found here:

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Maybe if you already asked this question you think that it can be easy - it’s not. It may be not that hard for programmers but without those skills - it’s hard

The Chia community could have made a framework that was almost finished where you just edited parameters. But then I know that isn’t the case as of today then. It is still pretty new with pools in chia I guess.

would be nice to use one day

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There may be legal and regulatory requirements based on where you are operating the pool, it’s not just about running the software, hardware, and networking infrastructure.

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But how it could be regulated? Like if the code is on github what can stop you?

It’s not about using the software per se, legal limitations have more to do with running a financial service that handles (large) volumes of currency for clients.

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