How Does CHIA "Know" What's Been Plotted?

Hey all - been plotting for a while now with a custom rig me and my friends pooled together some money with - we finally figured out how to get it up and running pretty smoothly (which took a long time, I won’t lie) but I was wondering how does the Chia Software “know” how many plots there are and where to find them? I’d hate to lose all the progress if something were to happen to the rig.

We’re on Windows and there’s a few hundred plots spread across several drives right now. Is there a backup or settings somewhere that we can pull from in case something happens?


Your settings, which includes the location of your plots, are located in:
…in a file named “config.yaml”.

You can use notepad (or any text editor) to tweak any settings. But if you screw up that file, even one important line, you will have headaches. So make a copy of that file, if you are so inclined to change anything.

I recommend that any time you shut down Chia (like when you do a re-boot), then when Chia is not running, you make a backup of everything in “.chia” and below. That will include your synchronized blockchain, which you will also want a copy of, if your c: drive fails (so you will not have to re-sync from scratch).

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Backup your mnemonic.
Other than that most things are fixable.


Ah ok - thanks for the info.

Just to be sure - where exactly do you get the mnemonic phrase from the app itself?

in the latest version, under the tab ‘keys’ on the left.

It is a 24-word phrase.

No need to do that any more, and given the size its a pain to back up.

Download - Chia Network Scroll to the bottom and there is a torrent link, mind you you’d still need a decent broadband link.

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